More – For The Creation Of Proposal Covers

  • November 23, 2010

ProposalCover.comThis is a service that will be greatly appreciated by any person that is involved in the writing of proposals. Basically, what this company does is to create striking-looking covers to go with these. You contact Proposal Cover, specify exactly what you want to convey and then your cover will be deliver within two business days.

Two different incarnations of the service are available: basic and pro. The main difference lies in the number or revisions that are supported, as the pro package comes with two (as opposed to the basic version, which comes with only one).

In both cases, though, you are given the chance to communicate directly with the designer who is assigned to your project.

When the relevant revisions have taken place, you will be given a download link where you will be able to retrieve the files and use them to embellish your proposal. Hopefully, that will be enough to stand out from the rest and cause a far more enduring first impression.

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