More – Making Sales Proposals More Versatile

  • February 15, 2010

Proposable.comA tool that goes by an apt name, Proposable will let you take care of not just creating and sending proposals to your leads, but also of learning how well they have gone down. That is, the system makes for collaborating in real time with the recipient as he or she is viewing the proposal and commenting on it.

That makes for a shorter sales cycle, and for a somehow redefined salesperson – one that operates in real time across the World Wide Web.

Besides, a system like this one means that sales managers can keep track of just any sale that takes place, not to mention being capable of supervise sales materials across their teams on the whole. This includes drafts along with the ones that have been successfully delivered. Analytics are provided for sales pieces, too, so that seeing which ones are truly effective is something easily achieved.

Three plans are already featured, and these are named “Basic”, “Pro” and “Team”. They can all be tried for free, and the defining features that were mentioned above (such as real time notifications and the tools for analyzing the actual reception of each proposal) are provided in each and every case. The main differences include the actual storage capabilities and the number of proposals you can send – the “Basic” plans is limited to 15 per month, and the other two plans are limitless.

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