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  • January 29, 2009

LetterLlama.comThose who are a bit fed up with the way we meet new people and communicate through the Internet are probably going to find this new solution compelling. Letter Llama is a new way to get to know others via messages that resemble a proper letter as much as possible.

You can choose the notepaper and the font, and keep things as personal as you want. As it is wryly pointed out on the site, the only difference with a “real” letter is that you do not need a stamp.

It is easy to get into the wavelength of the programmer who created Letter Llama. It can’t be denied that e-mail messages take away a lot of immediacy from the process of sending and receiving a letter. That is why he wanted to create a system that combined the level of involvement that a letter has and the speed of e-mail.

Moreover, he added a social aspect to the mix by letting users choose from others who have similar interests and contact them using the provided solution. The breadth of this list of contacts depends on the subscription plan in question. If you go for a more expensive one you will have a bigger range to choose from and so forth.

It is not uncommon to hear from people that are unsatisfied with the way we interact in the digital world. This site is more than likely to give them some food for thought, and also a ready chance to combine different technologies and approaches in the same spot.

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