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9 Most Powerful Blog Promotion Tactics Revealed (Infographic)

9 Most Powerful Blog Promotion Tactics Revealed (Infographic)

“Blogging” used to be the butt of a joke more often than not, associated with men who lived in their parent’s basements and teenage girls bemoaning the difficulty of life. These days, however, blogs are powerful tools that are not only changing the way journalism works but also driving traffic and sales…

Read More – Blog promotion is a social site for bloggers. The site is user driven and allows anyone that has or loves a blog to promote it by adding content from a blog to it. Once you’ve submitted the content you like from a blog, other users can then read it and vote on it. If the content you submitted gets a sufficient amount of votes it moves up the rank until it gets placed on the front page of the site for all to see. is a free and easy...

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