More – A HTML5 Video Player That Is Free

  • May 12, 2010

Projekktor.comProjekktor is an open source HTML5 video player that can be put to commercial and non-commercial uses alike. Any person who is remotely interested in the world of computers already knows the big ruckus that has been caused by Apple’s refusal to support Flash upon the release of the iPad, championing HTML5 instead.

As such, it was a mere matter of time before applications like Projekktor started cropping up.

As it stands, Projekktor comes with features such as support for playlists and full cross browser compatibility – you will get the same results in Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome.

Moreover, both pre roll and post roll content is already supported. That makes for easily monetizing content by adding advertisements when and where you see fit.

It is obvious that a lot of similar players will see release soon, and that they will come with features this doesn’t have. But for the time being, Projekktor is more than a nice way to get acquainted with the concept of HTML5.

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