More – Take Your Project Forward

  • April 12, 2011

Projectilo.comNo matter how much time you dedicate to them, there are projects you could never realize on your own. You might have a strong back, but there is no way you are carrying the weight of the world on it. You are going to need someone on your side. And letting you find such people is the objective of this website.

Projectilo can be termed a project sharing and collaboration community. Those who use the site are allowed to share their schemes, regardless of how small/big/grandiose they are. Everybody is welcome to join the site and post what he intends to achieve.

And that is one of the definitive assets of Projectilo: how it makes room for just any person who feels like sharing his aspirations. Obviously, those who post sensible (and attainable) goals will get more attention from others for the simple reason that something which is seemingly realizable is something to which people would be more willing to devote time to.

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