Program Fees

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  • October 28, 2007 is a loyalty program offered by your card issuer, which may charge you a fee for participation.

Program fees, if any, will be determined by your Visa card issuer and will be disclosed to you before you complete your enrollment. The good thing is that no fees will be charged to you until you complete your enrollment. To access information electronically, you need an IBM or Mac compatible computer. You may download the latest versions of Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer from the links that this site offers. In order to enroll, click the Enroll/Activate Now and follow the quick and easy enrollment steps. You will need to have the Visa card you’d like to enroll in hand. They will ask you a few personal questions because they need to make sure you are a Visa cardholder, and they may need to communicate important program information that could affect your Visa Extras experience.

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