More – Turning Negativity Into Art

  • August 26, 2008

SadStatements.comWhat would happen if you take sad statements from Twitter and you mash them up with profound pictures from Twitter? I hadn’t really though about that, but the people over at have.

They created a site that takes some of the gloomiest Twits on the web and couples them with pictures from Flickr. The combination is sometimes disastrous, but some of the content on the site is really interesting. There is no real usefulness to the site, but it is interesting nonetheless. If you are looking for inspiration or are feeling gloomy and want to see how others express their sorrow through Twitter, this site is for you. The mashes are completely computer generated. This makes for mash ups that are sometimes confusing, but it’s really interesting to see the ones that makes sense. In short, this site is a fairly interesting mashup of two of the most popular sharing sites on the web. If you’re bored, check it out to be amused.

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