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More – NFL’s St. Louis Rams

  • December 19, 2007

Stlouisrams.comThe Rams are one of St. Louis (Missouri) larger Football teams, and Stlouisrams.

com is nothing other than the team’s official site, mainly intended for fans to catch up with their favourite team’s activities, so what’s available there is news on footballer’s careers, cheerleaders, coaching, etc, plus institutional data, like environment policies enforced by the team or off-the-field activities like charity and community activities, like footage on players donating blood or serving thanksgiving in a homeless center. Unlike other teams’ site, in this one you will be able to find an extensive library of multimedia content, including interviews and press conferences, both on videos or audio-only formats. The site also hosts a store from where to get official Rams merchandise and a ticketing section where to buy all or some of the season’s entrances in advance.

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