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More – Look The Best Online

  • June 9, 2008

LookBetterOnline.comAre you currently dating people online? Are you currently a member of an online dating site? Do you have trouble with people picking you up online because of your online photo? Online dating isn’t easy. Many people think that you just chuck your photo up on a dating website and that everyone will want to meet you, but that’s not always the case.

The fact of the matter is that if you don’t look the best you can online, then you won’t have the opportunity to meet people in real life. How do you look the best you can online? You must head to is an online dating website that helps you look your best. How? They offer you a free professional photography session with their professional staff, for you to be able to put up the best picture of yourself online. This allows you to be seen more attractive and it automatically gets more people interested in you. If you want to look your best and pick up more dates than the rest, log on to now.

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More – More Channels For Your Digital Frame

  • November 6, 2007 is a site where you can customize your digital frame.

A digital frame is like a picture frame that holds your digital image and much more. Unlike a real picture frame a digital frame contains more than just a picture. Digital frames, came contain many or your pictures or picture from your friends, camera photos, professional photos of news photos. Digital frames can hold other types of media such as video and audio clips. You can add RSS feeds to your digital frame, weather and news channels, and you can even make greeting cards., which is s product of Frame Medic Inc, helps you search for content and make channels for your digital frame. You must register to create a channel, but you can browse through the channels freely without logging in. The homepage has a list of featured channels, but you can search for a channel by visiting the find a channel page. You can enter a key word and perform a search of you can look through the channel categories. The channel categories include; calendar, cartoons, news, picture channels, user generated, weather, trivia, and more. Go to to find channels for your digital frame.

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