How To Get More Done During Your Summer Travels

  • May 28, 2014

The most important thing to consider when traveling is the need to have a team who can take care of tasks that you won’t be able to be on top of 100 percent due to flights, meetings, etc. Plug in for a few hours a day to focus on tasks that only you can do. Also, practice the “traveling” schedule a month…


Meeting ‘Outside The Box’ Could Be Key To Great Ideas

  • October 24, 2013

The statistics on the average American businessperson’s work life are almost as depressing as the florescent lit cubicles that they take place in. The National Statistic Council reported that meetings take up 37% of most employees’ productive time, which is kind of staggering when you think about how often…


9 Low-Tech Ways To Manage Your Time More Wisely

  • April 5, 2013

As entrepreneurs, we’re always busy. But where does it end? When you get more successful, do you think your schedule will magically get less busy and fill up with fewer obligations? Think again. Instead, you’ll have to get more done in less time. And unless you have a system, it may prove difficult…

More – Put An End To Procrastination

  • April 19, 2011

iProcrastinateApp.comStudents are the usual subjects of procrastination examples, and that happens for a very good reason. I mean, couple the relentlessness of any young person with a task like boning up on math, science or history and in many cases it is nothing short of a miracle that students get any actual work done.

The challenge here is how to make people who are disinterested in something actually approach it in a productive way (IE, rising from the table every five seconds to grab a snack, go to the toilet, play with Rex… and that is not counting Facebook and Twitter).

And this new application has been released with the aim of letting students do exactly that: focusing on what they have to do, and get it ready in a timely way. iProcrastinate lets students set the tasks that are to be done within each individual subject, and a highly-functional dashboard will remind them of what needs to get done at all times.

This data can actually be shared and synced between different devices, so that any priority that is established when the student is on the go can be diligently set down, and seen through in due time.

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More – More Productive Meetings

  • February 10, 2011

LessMeeting.comSensible managers always wonder how productive meetings really are. A member looking out of the window, two that seem almost sleeping over their laptops, a couple making goo goo eyes at each other… it sounds like a scene out of a cartoon, but it is startingly true. The problem with meetings arise from how difficult it is to make everybody interested from the very beginning, and then keeping them focused for the duration of the whole meeting. That is a nigh impossible task. Or is it?

Enter Less Meeting. This new application makes it very easy to follow best practices for the planning and execution of any meeting. And it also has full follow-up capabilities, effectively letting the manager know how the decisions that were arrived at translate into positive action later on.

This is all done via a supple browser-based interface, and the three plans that are available ensure that companies of every type and size will be able to benefit from this new Internet tool.

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More – Daily Organizer with Lists and Notes

  • October 27, 2007

MojoNote.comSome say organization in the spice of life. If you are in that camp, check out Mojonote.

com. This is a free web-based program that serves as both a daily organizer and note keeper. Each account has three main sections: current day with tasks, collection of lists and a collection of notes. My Tasks is the day planner where all tasks are listed with check boxes for marking once finished. The tasks can include links to other sites and can be edited very easily. My Lists section is the perfect place to keep all sorts of lists including to-do lists, goals, birthdays, business ideas, books read/unread, gift ideas, etc. Finally, My Notes is the section that organizes all personal notes listed by title. Users can keep notes of all kinds here thanks to strict privacy. However, if a user wants to share their lists or notes that’s super easy to do as well.

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More – Get Things Done

  • March 7, 2007

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