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More – Monetizing YouTube Videos

  • January 13, 2009

Tadcast.comOne of the questions on everybody’s lips right now is how to monetize online videos in a way that is not detrimental to the quality of the video itself, and which actually spices the interest of the viewer.

There is not an easy way to solve this dilemma.

The team behind this young startup believes that product placement ads are the best bet, and the site has been put together in order to highlight the advantages of such a system. For example, ads of this nature do not take over the screen, nor do they keep the viewer waiting on his seat for what seems like an eternity before the actual video commences.

The site hopes to become an online resource where advertisers can post products that they want to publicize through product placement. Filmmakers will then be able to browse through the available postings and choose a product that they feel they can advertise successfully by organically incorporating it into the video.

Moreover, a contest is being held right now in order to showcase how such a system can be implemented. Visit the section under the relevant heading to learn more, and if you feel that you could tackle the challenge choose one of the featured products and start shooting.

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More – Make More Money Selling Ads

  • January 29, 2008 allows you to sell your ads, sponsorships, and product placements to the highest bidder.

In it’s simplest form, webmasters and bloggers can make more money by selling their ad inventory to the highest bidder. This could include banner ads and text link ads. However, creativity with ad types is entirely possible as well. Instead of selling the standard ads, people can get creative and sell non-standard ads – product placement in online video, podcast sponsorships, email newsletter sponsorships, advertorials, reviews, ad bundles – anything is possible. Advertisers can find creative, unconven- tional and conventional ways to advertise a business, a website, or a blog.

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More – Product Placement in Online Video

  • September 14, 2007

Brandfame.comBrandfame offers a solution to standardize product placement in user-generated content. It lets producers create a profile and post listings of upcoming videos in which they are willing to place products.

It also lets advertisers create their profile and post listings of products they have available for integration. Both sides can then find each other through advanced search on several criteria, or they can simply browse listings and view the details if they happen to stumble upon something interesting. Once someone finds something of interest, this person makes an offer to the one who posted the listing. The negociation begins a process in which Brandfame is not involved. Brandfame is a marketplace to connect these two parties, producers and advertisers, together, easily and efficiently.

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