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  • July 19, 2012 is the online headquarters for Advanced Machine and Engineering Company, based out of Rockford, Illinois. The company produces mechanical components for various types of heavy machinery, including metal saw blades and heavy duty clamping mechanisms. At .com you can read up on the company’s forty year history of supplying machine components and learn about partner locations in countries around the world, including Germany and Switzerland. The expansive Products section explains every available product in detail, from worm gears to precision holding devices. Available information includes product specifications, history of the device, capabilities and real world applications. Many product pages even offer video of the item in use in a real factory setting, as well as contact information for a product specialist who can guide you through the buying process.

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More – Information Today Inc

  • April 30, 2008

InfoToday.comLooking for product information and news for librarians and industry professionals? Then, there is no other better site for you to visit rather than

On the site you will find lots of information regarding conferences, events, magazines, books, and more. To reach the information you are interested in, navigate the site and explore the categories displayed; click on the ones that catch your attention and get the information available. Check out the featured book section; currently on this section you will find information on the Indexing for Editors and Authors book. Read the information provided on the book, and if interested you can order it right from the site. Take a look at the products offered on the online store, and if interested in any in particular, click on it to get product details. If you don’t find the books or information you were looking for, be sure to check back often because information and new products are constantly being added to the page.

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More – Real Consumer Advice

  • November 10, 2007

My3cents.comThis site is a leading source of real consumer advice where visitors can learn, interact and voice opinions regarding companies, products and services. In case you want to help others learn from your personal experiences as a consumer, as well as learning from other’s experiences, this website might be worth a try. offers an open forum for visitors to share their positive and negative experiences as consumers, regarding any product or service. In case you want to write about a particular company product or service, you can visit this site and get all the data you need to upload your review. What is more, your review can be forwarded to the company for free. Would you like to voice your opinion regarding a particular product? Then, might be of help.

Therefore, if you want to share your experiences as a consumer with others, could be an interesting option for you to keep in mind.

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More – Consumer Reviews

  • October 28, 2007

www.Expotv.comThis site allows you to learn about new products before you buy them. ExpoTV is where consumers just like you create their own video reviews and reports of products and services of daily life.

Instead of reading reviews, here you can see the product in action and even the person who is reviewing the product. In addition, this site offers you the possibility of creating and submitting your own reviews; for every video review that you submit you get $5, and you make $0, 1 every time your video is watched. The best thing is that if your video is good enough, it may end up on television. In order to submit your video, you have to register first.

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More – Vote and View Top 10 Lists

  • September 21, 2007

ITop3.comITop3 is a website where you can vote on anything from Top 10 songs to Top 10 digital cameras. You can add 3 votes to as many subjects as you like.

This gives a Top 10 list which provides consumer information in the form of a Top 10 chart showing number of voters and drill down to comments, this is using a philosophy known as The Wisdom of Crowds, which states that enough people agree on something the chances are they are right, similar to Ask the Audience in Who Wants To Be a Millionaire. Users can also set-up their own Top 10 lists and see how many people vote and if their Top 3 choices match other peoples. These subjects and choices can also be discussed with other members through forums and email.

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