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6 Tips For Avoiding Work Procrastination

6 Tips For Avoiding Work Procrastination

We all have tasks at work that we just don’t want to do, and even the best of us succumb to procrastination from time to time. However, procrastinating doesn’t actually make us feel better – in fact, it usually increases our stress levels and makes us feel more tense. Follow these tips for avoiding work…

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Students are the usual subjects of procrastination examples, and that happens for a very good reason. I mean, couple the relentlessness of any young person with a task like boning up on math, science or history and in many cases it is nothing short of a miracle that students get any actual work done. The challenge here is how to make people who are disinterested in something actually approach it in a productive way (IE, rising from...

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This is a site that redefines the concept of “doing nothing” and miraculously transforms it into “doing something laudable”. How is that? Well, what this site will let you do is to donate to a cause of your choice for each and every hour you procrastinate. This system is implemented as follows. First, you need to activate a RescueTime account in order to let the application know what it is that you are up to at any given moment. You...

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