More – Editing Images Massively

  • April 6, 2010

PicGhost.comIf you consider a tool for editing images good only when it is both dead easy to use and free, then Pic Ghost will certainly pass the test. It is a mass image editor that will empower you to take any image you want and have it edited.

All the usual effects can be applied, and these include cropping, rotating and resizing the actual pictures, and up to 20 images can be uploaded at once.

The editor itself is entirely web-based, and once you are done tweaking your images you will be given the chance to see a preview before you actually download them either to your HD or anywhere else. The images are downloaded as a ZIP file for added convenience, too.

A nice touch is that you can add watermarks and texts to any (or all) of your images in order to have them protected from theft or inappropriate usage of any kind. Again, that service is provided for free like every other service provided on the site. There are no fees to be paid, and no premium features are available. They won’t be introduced later on either – from what you can read on the site, PicGhost will always remain an entirely free application.

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