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  • December 19, 2007

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This website has everything you need to share info and more. In this site you can create your own private space to share with friends, find and share information more effectively through your real-life connections, and even get answers you can trust for your questions. You just need to join in. It’s very fast, easy and free. You just need to follow two simple steps: first name the group and then invite the members. That’s it. You don’t need to be an HTML expert to build the site. After you log in you’re able to create your own secure and private space to share almost everything including pictures, videos, calendars, or messages with anyone you know. It’s a great way of staying in touch with friends and family and even coordinate events effortlessly. Moreover, if you need reliable information you’re able to ask your friends and if they don’t know your question can easily be sent to their friends so other Moms you can trust can answer it. You can be helped by other Moms and you can help them too, because you’re also able to answer other Moms questions, and if you don’t know the answer you can simply send it to someone in your network who might help them instead. It’s an easy way of combining the power of the whole network with the trust of your friends. Take a look also at Today’s buzz section in which you’ll be able to find very interesting things posted about different topics.

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