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More – Use Twitter As A Personal Diary

  • March 24, 2010

TweetPrivate.comTweetPrivate is a service that mediates between your tweets and these thoughts that are born out of excitement, anger or passion. You see, it can be described as a personal diary for Twitter.

You write something down on the site and instead of having it tweeted out it will be stored and kept private. You might eventually choose to release these tweets and post them to Twitter’s public stream. And the tweets can include pictures, too.

The fact remains that the boundaries of privacy as we have always known them have been totally redefined, in terms that can be quite problematic if you are not careful. I mean, just think of all the people who have lost their jobs because they tweeted something that they shouldn’t, or these politicians that got into an outright scandal because they tweeted something out of line.

This service effectively makes for writing things down and getting them out of your system. If the time comes you can tweet them. If not, they will be kept as private and invisible to everybody.

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