More – Social Network For Families

  • March 27, 2012

FamilyLeaf.comSocial networks for families have always been popular. Sites like Familytic and Family Crossings are released at a steady rate, and today is the turn of FamilyLeaf. This new social network plays it true to the formula, as it lets you and all the members of your family connect with each other in a private setting. The site aims to give you a space where you can share photos and videos, safe from the eyes of strangers. Photos can actually be imported from other services such as Facebook, Picasa and Flickr.

And also lets you build a family calendar where you and your whole family can keep track of events. Any member of your family can create one just by setting a date, adding a description and then inviting everybody else to it.

Besides, the site makes for collecting and sharing information such as family recipes, and storing them for ever where they’ll never get lost or misplaced.

FamilyCrossings is available in two different paid versions (“Standard” and “Premium”), and there’s also a free edition that comes with ads.

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More – Share Videos Privately

  • March 8, 2012

Givit.comAvailable for iOS and Android, Givit lets you upload and share videos in the most private of settings. Givit allows you to share any video of yours with limited groups of people, and to ensure nobody is going to forward it without your permission.

And Givit lets you do this with just any video that you shoot using your mobile. The way the app works, the minute your video has been recorded then you can upload it, and choose the people who will get to see it by adding as many recipients as you want. And you’re allowed to add a personal message to what you’re sharing, too. The people you share your video with will be able to instantly comment on both the video itself, and the message you have included.

A service like this one is tailor-made for sharing videos of baptisms and all the most poignant milestones in the lives of any child. If you’re a parent, Givit is going to make sharing moments with these relatives that are located faraway an absolute delight.

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More – Keep Your Bookmarks Private

  • March 8, 2012

Eslime.netIf you think that social bookmarking sites are a waste of time (why would you share your bookmarks? They’re yours, after all), then this new service is perfect for you. Eslime is a tool that makes it easy for you to save all the bookmarks that you want, and access them from wherever you are. If you’re working and you come across a game review that looks interesting but it’s just too long to be read at the office without the boss suspecting you’re not getting that thousand-cell spreadsheet ready, then Eslime is all you need. You can save the link in one click, and you’ll get to read the article when you get back home.

This is obviously a lot faster and far more effective than sending the link to yourself via email. And Eslime is 100% free to use, too.

Granted, there are some social bookmarking services that actually let you create and apply privacy filters. But let’s face it, most people can’t be bothered. It’s too much of a hassle. So, it’s only fair to assume Eslime is a service that could find a clear niche out there.

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More – Share Video Moments

  • February 22, 2012

Brevidy.comBrevidy is a new social networking site where everything revolves around one thing: videos. On this site, you’re encouraged to share these moments that come to define your life, by uploading short clips that can be seen by those you choose only. You can have a group with all of your relatives, another with these friends you’ve known all your life, yet another one with your coworkers… if it’s people that for any reason or the other you feel like sharing some aspects of your life with, then you’ll be able to do it on Brevidy.

And if you want to share a video with the whole wide world then you can do it, too. You can set your channel as “Public”, and have all the content that you share there viewed and commented by every other user of the site.

Besides, the videos that are shared on Brevidy are split into different channels, in a bid to make everything flow along more nicely, and to let people find what they’re looking for much quicker. There’s channels focused on sports, on music, on comedy… and what’s found there can not only be commented, but also favorited and reshared.

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More – Private Company Network

  • January 4, 2012

Swabr.comThere’s no such a thing as a company owner that’s happy about his employees using social sites while they are at work. It’s not just a matter of them wasting time commenting on their friends’ albums and so on, what they dislike most of all is that by using social sites they are putting the company’s whole network at risk. Sites like Facebook are riddled by all kinds of malware. And if you’ve got employees, that’s the last place on Earth you want them to have any ties with while they are at the office. If they are getting connected with any person, it should be with their fellow coworkers. And they should be connecting with each other in a safe, secure way.

That’s what services like Swabr are here for. Swabr lets you create a private microblogging network for all the people who work for you. They’ll be able to connect with each other and collaborate on work-related tasks, and also to share all kinds of files, links and images. As long as they’re uploading something that’s connected with the job they have to do, it’ll be shared with all of their contacts.

Registration to Swabr is free, and your employees will be able to create an account just by submitting their verified company email addresses.

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More – Social Site For Women

  • December 19, 2011

Luluvise.comIt’s estimated that women generate as much as 70% of Facebook’s content, and that they stay online at least 35% more than male users. Such numbers make the future of a startup like Luluvise look certainly bright. Because Luluvise is a social networking site that’s for women only. It’s launched in the US, Canada and the UK, and it lets women share the kind of stuff they share on Facebook, only that here they wouldn’t worry about their boyfriends or husbands being offended by anything they share or say for the simple reason that they would never know as much.

And Luluvise takes things even further than that, as it lets girls rate guys’ photos. Again – there’s nothing to worry about if you do it. After all, it’s not as if your boyfriend or husband would be looking, is it? It’ll be shared only with what the site calls your “inner circle”. These are the ones you’ll be sharing everything with. They’ll see your photos, view your videos, read your updates… and you can create polls and ask them for romantic advice. Plus, a feature named “WikiDate” is here to let you rate any guy you fancy (or have dated), and share the results with all of your close friends. The eventual aim of the site is to create a database of good guys to go out with, as that will be reflected on the “LuluScore” that they get.

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More – Alternative Social Network

  • November 2, 2011

Unthink.comIt’s the season for Facebook contenders to step forward once again. This always, always happens when Zuckerberg & Co. announce some changes. Yet, this time around things are surely going to get interesting, as the new Facebook timeline stands as one of the most radical changes Facebook has ever implemented. And a big change can but cause a big reaction. This new site proves it.

Unthink is self-described as an “Anti-Facebook” social network. Its goal is to let people interact in a transparent and honest setting, where they are the ones who own all the data that they choose to share. is deliberately moving away from the Facebook model in which the information that people like you and me submit is used to figure out which ads to have displayed on our profiles.

So, users of don’t have to worry about their data being sold to brands. That’s not happening. The only way a brand will get involved with their profiles is if they decide to get a sponsor themselves. You see, if you become a user of this social network you’ll have the chance to get a brand to sponsor your page. But that’s completely optional, and if you want to keep your profile free from anything that could be distracting to you and your friends, then so be it. On Unthink, everything is on the hands of the users.

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More – Facebook For Parents And Children

  • August 15, 2011

Vikido.comFacebook and parents aren’t exactly known for going like bread and butter. Quite the opposite, actually. There are few parents who jump with joy at the thought of their children opening their own Facebook accounts. And that’s exactly the people this new service targets so intelligently. Named Vikido, we can define it as a safe and secure social networking service in which parents can interact with their children without anybody’s intromission.

Vikido works both on the Web and on mobile devices, and it basically enables users (IE, parents and their children) to do all that can be done on Facebook, and share all the kind of media that people always share on social networking sites. Only that the word “social” has a far more restricted meaning here.

And Vikido also has some unique features of its own. Preeminent among them is the presence of educational content for parents and their little ones to go through together. And remember, the interactions that take place remain safe from unwanted eyes at all times.

Vikido is in a ballpark that is adjacent to the one where sites such as uKnowKids and GoGoStat play. These are sites that let parents monitor the activity of their children when they are online, and spot unsafe connections at once.

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More – Share Images Privately

  • July 6, 2011

HogPic.comFacebook is everywhere. It is the platform we use to chat with our friends, it is the platform we use to plan our upcoming activities and confirm attendance to events, it is where we make new personal/professional connections… And it is also the platform of choice for sharing images with all our pals. Yet, there are times when uploading pictures to Facebook is something we feel ill at ease with. Uploading images of a wild party we attended to our social network profiles is dangerous because a current boss or a prospective employer might end up seeing them. Better to upload somewhere else. Better to try a site like Hog Pic instead.

Hog Pic is a new image sharing service that lets you upload as many pictures as you want online, and make them visible just to the people you want to share them with. You can make them viewable only by your best two friends, you can make them visible only to your girlfriend, you can let a pupil of yours and no-one else see them… It depends on what you are actually sharing, and its degree of sensitivity. And once the images have been uploaded, then those who have permission to see them can make as many comments as they wish.

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More – Share Your Dropbox Files

  • March 25, 2011

Views.fmAs great as Dropbox is for sharing files, there are some aspects of its user interface that could use an overhaul. For example, sharing a whole folder it is not really something that can be done that easily. And the way in which Dropbox previews images could also be more elegant.

The ones who have developed this application certainly knew as much. can be termed a new user interface for Dropbox. Broadly speaking, we could say it gives Dropbox users a chance to present their content with a further touch of finesse and class.

Users of are provided with rich thumbnail views for all their content, and they can actually share the content in as much of a private or public way as they deem suitable. And any file that they label as private or public can be modified later on, so that a folder that was created for coworkers can also be made public to clients if that is needed at any later point.

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More – Chat With Random People

  • March 14, 2011

Textslide.comTextslide is a new anonymous chat service that will let you become connected with people who share your very same interests, and talk to them for as long as you want.

The implementation of this service involves supplying your number and area code, and specifying your interests for you to become paired with someone who you could enjoy chatting with. At no point is your phone number disclosed – all that the other person will see is your name and interests.

And if the conversation grows a bit dull or becomes plain stagnated, then you can simply text #next in order to be presented with a new chat partner.

As you can see, this is quite reminiscent of ChatRoulette. The difference is that here all the interactions are text-based, so that the chances of you coming across anything shocking or unsuitable are more than mitigated. There might be the odd word here or there, but that is the extent of questionable behavior you will see on this site.

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More – Share Videos Privately

  • March 9, 2011

KinKast.comKinKast is the right application to use when you feel like sharing videos only with a very selected group of individuals such as your relatives, and not your whole social graph.

KinKast will let you do that – you will be able to have your clips uploaded and hosted online, somewhere that can be accessed only by those that you authorize directly. That is, you upload the video, and the ones that you individualize will receive a private link for seeing it. They will not have to sign up for an account at all. They will see the video just by clicking on the link.

There are no size or length limitations of any kind, and KinKast takes care of backing the data for you (your privacy is never compromised, of course). And I feel it is important to mention that KinKast lets you upload videos straight to YouTube and Facebook, so if you ever have to upload lots of videos of different nature you will be able to share them all on the spot, and keep everything as public or private as you want.

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More – Contact People On Twitter

  • March 3, 2011

Umagram.comUmagram is a new application that can basically extend the power of Twitter, and turn it into a much wider messaging platform. For starters, Umagram lets you message even those who you are not following. And Umagram also comes with group messaging capabilities, enabling you to gather everybody around and discuss things together.

The way in which people you are not following can be messaged is implemented very cleverly. Basically, you send a tweet in which you mention the person you want to talk to, and then Umagram posts the tweet with a unique link to the conversation. And this tweet will be only visible to that person, since users of Umagram have to log in with a specific Twitter identity.

In this way, you are saved the hassle of having to send direct messages out. I mean, contacting someone like that involves sending a message first to see if they are willing to follow you, and then sending another with your email addresses for the conversation to finally begin in earnest. Using Umagram, that process is more than halved. And those who use Twitter professionally (and who just have no time to waste sending unnecessary messages) could hardly ask for more.

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More – Private Discussion Groups

  • February 18, 2011

YapTime.comOnly a fool would discuss just any old thing on a site like Facebook. There are topics that no sound person would bring about in such a context. That is what applications like YapTime are here for.

Essentially, YapTime will let you create private discussion groups in which you interact only with people that you trust. That is only obvious, really – if it is a private group, then the ones who are part of it are people you have a kind of real life connection with.

So, on YapTime you are enabled to communicate only with them, in a setting that no outsider will have access to. You will be able to have media such as photos and videos shared and commented without any person who has got nothing to do with the discussion sticking his nose in.

And a service like this one also makes for news feeds that are completely free of clutter. So, it can be said that yaptime offers the closest to a pure social experience that has yet been devised.

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More – Share Only With People You Trust

  • February 11, 2011

Foxfly.comThere are times when you want to share things with your close friends only, not with your whole social graph. When you feel that way, Facebook is an option that must necessarily be ruled out unless you are willing to go through the numbing process of creating lists, and applying lots of filters.

That works in the end, but I frankly think most of you would prefer using a service like Foxfly instead.

This is a new iPhone application that will let you message specific groups only. You can have as many of these as you want – one for your siblings, other for your old school pals, another for these girls that you like to hang out with… The app is pretty limitless in that sense.

And if you couple this with how easy those in your groups can be messaged, then it will dawn on you why many would go for Foxfly over Facebook or Twitter when it comes to having their information shared. After all, who would ignore the chance to share sensitive data in a place free from noisy relatives, bosses, coworkers and even stalkers?

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More – Free Group Chat

  • February 10, 2011

Convore.comA Y Combinator startup, Convore provides a smooth context in which to have group conversations. Users of Convore are allowed to create chats that can be as public or private as they need them to be, and each of these can deal with multiple topics at the same time.

People who are taking part of a conversation can invite their friends on both Twitter and Facebook to join these rooms, and when it comes to private conversations a moderator will have to authorize the participation of those who want to join in.

One of the best features of Convore is how it lets you see statistical information such as who has received, sent and read the biggest amount of direct messages within any conversation. That is really practical for the simple reason that it will let you find the most committed participants when things get too noisy for comfort, and interact with them until the volume is lowered.

Convore can be used for free. Some paid features are meant to be added in due time, but the basic service (as described above) is remaining usable by just everybody, everywhere.

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More – Browse The Web Privately

  • December 14, 2010

Disconnectere.comDisconnect is a browser extension that you can install and use at just no cost, and that will let you surf the Web in a private way. By procuring this extension, you will be able to keep third parties and search engines for seeing the sites that you are visiting, and the searches that you are carrying out.

This is interesting, but a note of caution: many times, barring a site from accessing that information is against your best interests. For example, if you keep a site from knowing your IP then the site will fail to pinpoint your exact location. That can render many sites but unusable. More than often, turning the anonymous navigation mode of the browser on is going to do the job instead.

Still, if you want to try Disconnect all you need to know right now is that it is currently available both for Chrome and for RockMelt, the recently-launched social browser that is seeing its fair share of extensions as of late. And versions for Firefox and Safari are under development as of the time of writing this.

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More – A Repository Of Sites That Are In Beta

  • December 11, 2010

Betali.stSome of the most interesting sites on the Internet are in beta right now. Because of that, many technology blogs do not cover them as extensively as they would otherwise… or they refrain from covering them at all. If you think about it, that makes some sense. What good is there in writing a fabulous review about a site that virtually nobody can use? I am sure that is the answer these bloggers would give you if you faced them. And you might have to agree, all the while wondering how will you do to remain abreast of these potentially great websites.

Well, it turns out that the answer is under your nose. The suitably-named is nothing but a repository of the best sites around that are still to exit beta. And the idea is not just to let you know about such sites, it is also to let you grab an account and become an early user. Either that, or you are going to be notified the minute the site has gone live. Any way or the other, you are going to be in the loop and know about the latest sites well before all your friends do.

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More – Keep Secrets On Your Android

  • December 6, 2010

Loky.meAn app that is available only for those who have an Android, Loky is a truly interesting way to have secret information stored on your phone, and ensure nobody else but you will access it.

Basically, what Loky does is to lock the contacts, messages and files that you specify in a Pin-code protected locker.

An application like this one is really great if only because we all carry files on our mobiles that we would rather have consigned to the bottom of a bank vault. It happens to every single one of us. And now, thanks to an app like Loky such data can be carried in as much of a secret and private way as we all would like to.

Loky is also a really secretive app in the sense that it can hide the SMSes that any of your private contacts sends you, and have them displayed outside of your regular messaging app. And if someone comes around when you are reading them, you can shake your mobile for Loky to be closed. So, your privacy is being covered in as many ways as possible.

And yes, I know what you are thinking: When is a version of this coming to my iPhone? Well, it turns out that support for iPhones, Blackberries and Windows phones is underway.

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More – The Story Of Your Child

  • November 24, 2010

MomentGarden.comMoment Garden offers parents a secure and rich online way to tell the story of their children. Through the site, they will be able to create a photo album with their own photo-by-photo insights and appreciations regarding the lives of their little ones.

Parents are understandably reluctant to share such information on sites like Facebook, if only because the risks of someone gaining access to that information are just too large. A site such as this one, then, is specially interesting because the uploading and sharing of media takes place in an entirely dedicated context. On Moment Garden, only the ones that you choose to share the data with will be able to see it. Nobody else will. It is as simple as that.

An account is created by supplying some personal particulars and your email address, both for contact purposes and to be used as your login. You can then begin uploading all the media that you want stored forever more, and inviting people to see it and leave their very own comments.

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