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Disrupting An Industry That Is In Desperate Need Of A Good Shake Up

Disrupting An Industry That Is In Desperate Need Of A Good Shake Up

Disruption, disruption, disruption. It’s maybe the biggest buzzword of Startup Land, with companies trying to disrupt everything from video chat to fashion to the life insurance industry. We’re all about creating better solutions, shaking things up, knocking people out of their routines into something…

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This is the official website of Pay- Tel, an American company that provides a wide range of inmate’s telephone services. Are you looking for inmate phone services? Would you like to save money on your calls? If that is the case, might be the right site for you to visit. On this site you will get information on the different local telephone services and business phones services provided, as well as details about their...

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Formed back in eighteen seventy, the American Correctional Association is the oldest and largest association of its kind in the world. In the United States of America approximately eighty percent of state operated correctional facilities and youth services are members. Other members of this organization include federally operated prisons and prisons that are run by private sector companies as well. This organization aims to promote...

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