5 Ways To Prioritize Tasks And Maximize Efficiency

  • October 22, 2013

As an entrepreneur, I’ve found that my biggest challenge is figuring out which tasks to tackle each day. Do I work on marketing? Sales? Update the website copy? Improve our internal training program? There have been days when I’ve been so overwhelmed by my options that I’ve become completely stuck – I couldn’t…


Any.DO – Get Tasks Done With Help From Your Friends

  • November 17, 2011

Any.DOAny.DO is a new productivity tool where everything is done with help from your friends. As a user of this app, you are asked to submit all these things that you want to do. And then, you’re allowed to begin asking your friends for help in making your goals come true. You can arrange everything in a drag and drop fashion, you can have individual tasks assigned to specific friends, and when they’re over you’ll be instantly notified.

And something that must certainly be praised is that you can get friends to help you out, even when they don’t have the Any.DO app installed. You can add them to any group that you are creating just by using their emails. And once they’ve been invited, they’ll get to collaborate with you and your other friends as extensively as those who do have the app installed on their mobiles.

As of the time of writing this, Any.DO is available for Android only. This is the download link. Three more versions are meant to be released in the months to come, including one for iOS and one for Chrome. And soon, a web version of Any.DO is also going to become available.

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More – Know When Facebook Friends Are Online

  • September 9, 2011

Gmarjil.comAs Facebook exerts a larger influence on the way in which people interact with all their acquaintances, it’s only obvious that services like Gmarjil will see release at an ever-increasing rate. They are easy to create, one needn’t be a maverick of a programmer to put them together, and they can make the lives of users so much easy. So, they’re sure to keep on rolling along.

Gmarjil is an app that surely meets the above criteria. It’s not a technically-astounding tool by any stretch, but it does something that can help people who rely more and more on Facebook each day connect with their contacts and save not only time but also money.

In essence, Gmarjil allows users to learn when their Facebook friends have come online, without them having to be connected to the Internet at all. No, the way this service operates notifications can be sent to the emails and mobiles of users whenever these friends that they single out happen to log into Facebook.

Gmarjil is free, and the service is activated by giving it access to your Facebook account and individualizing all these friends you want to keep a good watch on.

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More – Get Tasks Done

  • February 9, 2011

YouTasks.comNeed some help getting yourself organized? Do you feel that the more you try going forwards, the further your goals move from you? Well, a simple application like YouTasks might be what you need in order to begin being more productive.

YouTasks is a free application that will basically let you make good sense of your priorities. Using a simple web-based interface you will be able to track how close each task you have to see to is to completion, and what should be done once you have gotten there.

Features include being able to use many kinds of filters for actually organizing and displaying tasks, and also being able to have emails turned into tasks. That is actually something very convenient, and (according to which type of job you have) it can let you save an enormous amount of time in the long run. I mean, in just one click you will be able to have an email turned into a task that will be added to your list of priorities.

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More – An iPhone App For Getting Tasks Done

  • November 29, 2010

PutThingsOff.comPut Things Off is self-described as a laidback to-do list manager. That definition is accurate inasmuch it makes a direct reference to how casual using the whole application feels.

Currently available only as an iPhone and iPod Touch app, Put Things Off lets you create a list with all the activities that you have to face at any moment in time. Once that list has been created, you can rearrange tasks according to how urgent they really are merely by tapping on them. These tasks will move back into view once three days have elapsed, or at the time you choose.

A really cool feature is that you can send tasks to the application using a web browser, effectively ensuring you will always stay on top of things, no matter if you have your iPhone or iPod Touch or not close at hand when you need it.

Besides, when using Put Things Off you will be able to group tasks together by creating a unified group, so that steps that are conducive to a common goal can be taken one right after the other.

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More – Prioritizing Urgent Tasks Only

  • February 10, 2010

Done.ioWe can term Done a to-do list that aims to simplify proceedings as much as possible by highlighting only these tasks that demand immediate attention. In that way, you will only be presented with these things that have to be attended to at any given moment.

Other tasks will be showcased in due time, when they have to be dealt with. Not before, and not later.

The key concept here is what the site terms “shifts”. These are a way to push less urgent items on the list until the time when they have to be taken care of materializes. Besides, any incomplete items when the day ends will be automatically shifted to the next day’s list.

This system will be appealing most of all to busy entrepreneurs. That is, people who need to cope with a large number of different tasks, and that need to prioritize them if only because it is impossible to take care of every single one in a working day. The way things are shuffled means that the tasks will stay in mind, but out of sight until they have to be dealt with once and for all.

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More – Group Task Management made easy!

  • August 18, 2007 is a great site that offers an organizational boost to teamwork.

On all group members have their own to-do list, priorities, completed tasks, timetables, and access to the task bins of others in the group. The idea is that everyone in the group begins and stays on the same page. The site is easy to use and as simple as typing in the test box, clicking on a time and priority and pressing enter. By understanding the progress and priorities of team members, others can work smarter and collaborate in a more meaningful way. Information such as, time, date, who created the task, when it should be finished, and the progress helps everyone stay abreast of what is going on within the group and with specific projects. Members can be a part of more than one group and can personalize their task bin. Every group member’s TaskBin is shared with everyone else in the group and is organized by timeframe: ‘today,’ ‘tomorrow,’ ‘this week,’ ’sometime soon,’ etc.

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