More – Track Your Items

  • March 15, 2012

MapYourTag.comThe last thing you need when you’re traveling is to be worrying about your luggage, but that’s impossible when you’re carrying valuables or items that have some kind of sentimental poignancy like instruments that belonged to your parents. In that case, it’s hard not to worry about them, for the simple reason that they’re irreplaceable. But something like is all you need in order to keep a relaxed mind. You see, this new service lets you create and print QR codes you can then stick to any item that’s traveling with you. Once the QR code has been placed, then you’ll be able to get the item’s exact location.

So, if your item has gone missing or (God forbid) if someone has stolen it then you’ll be able to figure out just where it is, and do what should be done in order to get it back.

There’s a free version of MapYouTag that supports up to 2 users, 5 resources and 5 locations per resources, and two paid plans that can be modified until they suit your needs perfectly. These start at $16 per month, and they also come without the advertisements you get when using the free version of MapYouTag.

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More – Sell Your Photos On Instagram

  • March 5, 2012

Hashpix.comYou’re a photographer. You’ve created a site. You’ve created a blog. You’ve built a fanpage on Facebook. And yet, you don’t see a lot more sales. Time to try something else, it seems. Time to go for a service like Hashpix, and see if you can put Instagram to some good professional uses.

Because that’s the one service Hashpix works in tandem with. Hashpix lets photographers sell their own art through Instagram. This new company can turn all the photos they upload to the increasingly-popular media sharing service, and turn them into prints. These can be bought by Instagram users who are browsing the site randomly. And if you’re a photographer then you can easily point customers to your own Hashpix page, for them to buy these photos they like. The company is taking care of everything. It’ll have the photos converted into prints, it’ deliver them, and it’ll charge the customer. And you’ll get your money right away Hashpix takes a 30% cut of profits, after printing costs.

You can apply for a Hashpix account here. And if you’re someone who loves art, then you can sign up for email updates, and know about new photographers and photos that become available.

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More – Compare Printing Prices

  • January 30, 2012

Whatever it is that you do for a living, whether you have your own business, offer professional services, or an employee in some company, you’ll certainly come across the need of having to use some printing services. is a portal that lists every business which is offering that service, so that you can compare prices after getting an idea of all your possible options.

Maybe you will need a business card, or brochures to promote your travel agency, as well as flyers, posters, or leaflets. Whatever it is you need, you can check to decide which company provides the more convenient service in relation to your needs. Maybe the cheaper option is not that good for you because it is far away from where you are, whilst a more costly one will save you a lot of time which in turn will also mean more earnings. developed a powerful comparison engine that will cover every service in the UK concerning print technologies. Their goal, if not achieved already, is to be the largest online platform in this field.

The site is organized in the usual top horizontal menu which takes you to every section of the site, with a “Home” button to take you back to the landing page after you have browsed through the site, the classic “About Us” description about their business, and the “Comparison” section. This latter one is of course, the essential option to enjoy the site’s service. A “FAQ” button is included for you to have every one of your doubts answered, and “Careers” if you are interested in being a part of the company’s work team.

If you are a print service provider, maybe you’ll be interesting in submitting your profile to and be included in their database. This will certainly take more clients to your business.

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More – Print Photos On Merchandise

  • January 13, 2012

MoPhoApp.comMoPho is a new iPhone app that makes it very easy to create and purchase photo merchandise. Presented by Penguin Digital, MoPho lets you have your photos printed on t-shirts, key chains, coffee cups, mousepads and anywhere other people could see them. The app’s really simple to use, and it comes with a preview option that lets you check exactly how your product is going to look when it’s finally printed and delivered. You can actually view it from lots of angles, and rotate/scale it. When you’re happy with the results, then you can place your order and pay by credit card. Prices are kept reasonable for the most part, with mousepads costing $12.99, and t-shirt $22 to name but two of the most popular products that are offered.

Moreover, MoPho lets developers and brands integrate photo printing features into their apps. The potential of this is truly huge, as developers and the buying public can connect with each other without any kind of intermediaries.

You can get MoPho at the app store and start realizing whether or not the service would go well with the products you sell. But chances are you’ll find it would.

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More – Buy Photos That Stick Anywhere

  • December 14, 2011

Clingphoto.comGreat news for those of you who could think of nothing better to pass the time than taking photos. This new DC-based company is here to let you do much more with them than just printing them and carrying them on your wallet, or sharing them on social networking sites. Clingphoto has been created to let you turn any photo of yours into prints that can stick to pretty much any surface.

This is done by using an imbedded electrostatic charge. That is, any print you create through this site will cling to any surface, without you having to resort to tape, pins or nails. prints can stick everywhere, and they can be moved around without leaving the slightest of residues. Great for redecorating your office without running the risk of damaging the walls, and having to paint them over.

In addition to basic prints, you can also order collages and prints wrapped in custom frames. And if all goes well and the company manages to stick around (pardon the pun), it’ll begin letting you order large format prints in the future.

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More – Create Free Checklists

  • December 14, 2011

Checklist.comThis site can be used without having to pay anything, and (true to its name) it lets you create but one thing: checklists. These will come with due dates, reminders and notes, and all your lists are going to be accessible both online, and on your mobile.

And the service is always free, regardless of how many lists you need created. You can build as many of them as you want, and for just any kind of use whatsoever.

Getting married soon? You can create a list for that, and ensure the invitations have been sent, check the photographers have been hired, make sure the three-story wedding cake has been ordered…

Traveling to Europe for the first time? You can put a checklist together, and verify you’re bringing all your papers and documentations with you.

Getting your thesis together? You can rely on one of these checklists to make the whole research and citation process a lot smoother.

These were just three good examples that came to mind, and I’m sure you can think of a good handful more yourself. And that does nothing but highlight how flexible the whole service is, really.

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More – Gather The Knowledge Of Friends

  • September 25, 2011

TheWisdomOfOthers.comA personal publishing service, The Wisdom of Others lets you create a book filled with the favorite quotes, practical advice and useful wisdom of your family and friends. These quotes are chosen by you, and it’s always possible to invite all your loved ones to contribute new quotes via Facebook and Twitter. When you’re happy with the results (you are given complete creative control over what is going to be included, and what is going to be left out) then you simply proceed to order the book. It will actually be printed on bookstore-quality paper, and bound accordingly.

Alternatively, The Wisdom of Others can create ebooks where all such data is set down, and have them duly delivered via email.

Pricing is kept really accessible, with these bookstore-quality books costing just $29.95. And those who go for the digital version of the service are charged much less, as it’s only natural – you can get your book as an ePub for $14.95, or as a PDF for $9.95. The choice is all yours, but there’s no denying a printed volume is far more striking presentation-wise, and certainly far more enduring.

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More – Startup Shirts For Everybody

  • September 11, 2011

DesignLikeWhoa.comBased in the city of San Francisco, Design Like Whoa is an apparel maker that aims to become the one-stop resource for entrepreneurs wanting to define the way they look. This company can print and deliver these t-shirts that the employees of every company worth its salt make a point of wearing at all hours, at the behest of their bosses. Yet, as Design Like Whoa’s founder Gemma Aguiar points out, one of the latest trends is to wear the t-shirts of these companies one ardently believes in, regardless of the fact of working there or not. So, the timing is decidedly right for an apparel maker like this one to come into the scene.

Design Like Whoa can have just any kind of design printed and delivered. There are no minimum quantity orders, designs can have as many colors as the user wishes and the company charges no set up fees.

Plus, Design Like Whoa offers assistance with custom graphics. It doesn’t matter how big or grandiose the design that you can see in your mind’s eye is, the company is sure to make it come to life. And discounts are offered for bulk orders, too.

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More – Free Printable Coupons

  • September 6, 2011

PrintableCouponsParty.comTrue to its name, offers coupons that you can print and take to your favorite stores in order to save money when buying these items that you always purchase on a daily basis. And the way the site works, these printable coupons come from people just like you – is structured as a community which encourages the participation of users. They are actively enticed to share the best coupons that they’ve managed to find with everybody else.

There are lots and lots of different coupon categories, with the most popular being “Grocery Coupons”, “Restaurant Coupons”, “Pizza Coupons”, “Baby Coupons”, “Kids Coupons”, “Health Care Coupons” and “Pet Care Coupons”. And the site also gathers together coupons from specific brands such as McDonald’s, Michael’s and Joann Fabrics.

All the newest coupons which have been added to the database can be visualized at once, and the ones more people have taken a liking to (remember, is essentially a community site) are also highlighted. And these coupons which are going to expire soon are likewise singled out, for users to know exactly where they stand with this or that coupon from the very beginning.

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More – Print Your Photos

  • August 23, 2011

PicPlum.comThe timing of a service like PicPlum might seem a bit off at first. But once you start thinking everything over it dawns on you that PicPlum is nowhere as anachronous as you first thought. Because a service that lets people have their online photos printed and delivered to your doorstep (or to your loved ones’) can but seem odd at this very moment in time. Why bothering printing and delivering what can be seen in seconds by any person you give permission to? And the answer is obvious. Because of the very same reason people still write and send letters – to show true affection and attachment. At a time in which everything can be done digitally, taking the trouble to do it the old way around is the ultimate show of lovingkindness.

So, PicPlum’s true appeal is something that can’t really be argued or discussed. And neither is its great implementation. People who use this service can pay as they go along, and whenever they feel they are going to use the service regularly they can subscribe to it, and start paying a monthly fee. Photos are printed using a lightjet printer, and delivered straight to the recipients that one individualizes when uploading or emailing them. Because for the time being, photos have to be uploaded or emailed. As the service stands today, you can’t have them imported over from your Facebook account. But that is obviously on the agenda, and it is what PicPlum needs to take on services like Shutterfly and Snapfishone-to-one.

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More – Print Instagram Photos On Shirts

  • June 21, 2011

InstaShirt.meYou can tell that a photo sharing service is really popular when applications like this one see release. will let you take any image that you have shared on Instagram, and have it printed on a shirt for all the world to see. You will be able to choose from lots and lots of shirt designs, and have multiple photos selected and printed at the very same time if that is what you want. And you will do all that using a simple interface that works on the browser from start to finish – there is nothing to download and/or install.

Quality shirts like the ones you can create and order through InstaShirt will come in handy for absolutely everything. You will be able to have the logo of your company emblazoned on them, to capture defining sports moments for evermore, to print photos of your most recent family excursion and present your loved ones with them… You will also be able to print humorous photos and give the finished shirts to all the people who have been involved in such moments, to ensure such moments will live on and on. The uses of this service are just endless.

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More – Create And Print Resumes

  • June 15, 2011

Resume-Builder.netIf you routinely fail to land job interviews, the problem might as well lie in the actual resumes that you are sending out. That is a safe assumption to make, specially if you have all the necessary qualifications. And the thing is, having a resume that is unappealing is something inadmissible in this day and age. There are sites that will let you put together a striking resume in no time at all. This is one of these. And you can tell as much just by looking at the URL where it is stationed:

On this site, just any person who needs to have a professional-looking resume can proceed to have one generated not only for free but also in a quick, straightforward way. It is all a mater of submitting the corresponding data for the resume to be assembled. You will be able to choose the order in which you want its different sections to be presented. And lots and lots of different templates go into ensuring that users will always be able to have the right resume for the right job at hand.

Once the resume is ready, you can proceed to have it printed both in Word and PDF formats.

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More – Use Printers Remotely

  • May 6, 2011

Ezeep.deWe all have to use a public printer ever now and then, and while emailing the files to the nice fellow who sits behind the counter (or handing him a pendrive) would hardly be defined as energy-zapping, there is a way to get the job done much faster. And it is found at

Ezeep is a service that allows people to print documents straight from their mobile phones and tablets. By using this service, anybody can use the public printers found at any copyshop, cafe or hotel remotely. That is, he will be able to upload the file to be printed directly, and have it printed in one fell swoop.

For this to work, the printer must have been made public by its owner. It is only when that has been done that the printer becomes findable by people who are close to its location.

Both adding a printer and signing up for an account in order to use printers remotely cost nothing. The system is yet to go international, but it is headed down the right path already.

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More – Find Great And Rare Art Prints

  • May 5, 2011

Artfinder.comAsk people to name at least ten paintings by Van Gogh, and only a couple will be able to get past The Portrait of Joseph Roulin, The Church at Auvers and The Cafe Terrace at Night. The fact remains that when buying prints, these are the ones which are widely sold. People would never be able to decorate their homes with anything else than that if they tried. And that applies to all painters without distinction – Picasso, Rembrandt, Michelangelo… Only their most emblematic works can be bought as prints.

Enter Artfinder. This new project encompasses a site and a mobile app that (when taken as a whole) make for discovering and identifying works of art that go well beyond the most widespread and popular ones. And Artfinder not only makes for finding these on the spot – the site also enables people to buy them as prints, and have them delivered straight to their doorsteps.

And the site also lets users keep online collections with all the works they like, and have them shared with all of their friends, much in the same way that playlists are shared on a site like This invariably results in people finding new prints in an even easier and faster way.

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More – Print Your Instagram Photos

  • April 18, 2011

Printstagr.amApplications such as this one are coming at a steadier pace as Instagram goes from strength to strength, and more and more people find themselves naming the iPhone application when they are asked which service they use to have their images shared with all their friends and acquaintances.

Prinstagram is a cool service that can take all your Instagram images and have them printed. But you can guess as much just by looking at its name. What its name does not tell you, though, is the true scope the site has.

You see, lets you choose from lots of products such as mini stickers and big posters, and have them delivered straight to your doorstep. Or straight to the doorsteps of your friends and loved ones – such products make for some really cool, personalized gifts.

And international shipping is provided on most products, too. Perfect for surprising that dearly-beloved relative who has gone living across the sea, and that you have not seen in ages.

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More – Calendars With Your Facebook Friends

  • March 30, 2011

FeedFabrik.comSome people have an incurable desire to take down the barriers separating the interactions taking place on the real world and the ones that take place on sites such as Facebook. And that is anything but difficult to understand, really. To many, interacting with people through social sites results in a hefty boost of confidence, and they get the courage to say and things do they would never dare in real life.

And these are the kind of individuals who will take to a site like Feed Fabrik more actively. Essentially, Feed Fabrik lets anybody have a calendar with all the birthdays of his Facebook friends printed and delivered. This is done in a couple of mouseclicks – all the user has to do is to choose the friends to be featured there for the calendar to be assembled. And in addition to having it printed, he can have it downloaded electronically.

Plus, Feed Fabrik lets bloggers have the portions of their blogs that they want turned into books. Again – this book can be properly printed, or retrieved electronically in the shape of a PDF.

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More – Print Your Artwork

  • March 7, 2011

Mottsy.comMottsy lets you take your own artwork and photos, and turn it into something tangible. You will be able to pick any image of yours and have it printed in the way you want.

This is the perfect service for the creation of business cards, postcards and souvenirs to give away to your customers (such as bookmarks). And the fact that you can always customize the height and width of your project turns Mottsy into a even more versatile service. If you want to create a gigantic poster with the cover of your favorite book to decorate your room or your office with, then you will be able to do it.

The creation process is always divided in the same series of steps: you pick the size and quantity of the prints to be made, you upload the images to be used, you design the front and the back of the object, and then you select the paper the actual print to be made on.

As you can see, the customization process is as comprehensive as anybody could possibly want. And prices are kept really reasonable, too, with a batch of 10 standard business cards starting at $ 10.99.

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More – Print Your Photos

  • February 24, 2011

FractureMe.comFracture is a new service for the style-oriented among you. This company will let you upload any image that you think would look the part on your wall, and have it turned into what is called a fracture (a one piece picture & frame that is made from printed glass, and that can be mounted directly on any wall).

The creation of these fractures implies nothing more than uploading a high quality photo to the site, customizing it (IE, picking the effects that you want the company to apply to it) and then paying for the finished piece.

It is very important to mention that a fracture is A) Safe (it has no sharp edges), and B) Shatter-proof. A fracture is not breaking the easy way. It can be knocked around quite a bit.

And there are lots of advantages that are obvious but which still have to be mentioned. For instance, the image which is contained on a fracture is never going to fade. And since the print is on the backside of the glass, it is not being scratched either.

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More – For The Creation Of Social Albums

  • December 17, 2010

Keepsy.comKeepsy is a social service that aims to change up the way in which photo albums are created. Essentially, this new platform lets people build them collaboratively. Any person can invite all his friends to submit their photos one by one, until the album has been completed. Talk about telling a story from as many angles as possible…

As it was only to be expected, people can actually create such albums and have them printed and delivered to their significant ones. Such an option is currently available only in the US, but that is set to change before too long.

Social services like this one make just too much sense, especially when one thinks that images which are hosted on Facebook are often invisible to many people who would love to see them. Ultimately, that is the main value of this website – how it can centralize all the photos that have to do with someone in such a practical way, and have the story of any particular stage of his life told so faithfully and poignantly.

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