More – Market Products In Real Time

  • October 21, 2011

Toovio.comToovio is a marketing platform that you can use to have your customers receive information about your products at the time they’re more likely to purchase them. This tool lets you have customized marketing messages shown at strategic points of contact. These include everything from your very own website to customer service centers and kiosks. Toovio can look at all the purchases your customers have previously made, and discover when it would be best to tell them about your new products or services. And Toovio does that in real time – it figures out what your customers could be interested in, and it interacts with them when they’re most likely to buy it.

As a platform, Toovio is made up of four different modules. Their names speak for themselves, really: “Interactions”, “Modeling”, “Analytics” and “Applications”. The four modules together create the product known as “Toovio Interactions Manager”.

This kind of technology isn’t really new, the thing is that it was previously available only to these organizations that had fortunes to spend on predictive marketing technologies. Toovio is changing that, as it’s been specially created for small business owners who have neither millions to spend, nor the technical resources to analyze something as deep and complex as customer interactions.

You can sign up for a free trial here, and see how this predictive technology would work in the context of your own company.

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More – Predict Customer Loyalty

  • October 19, 2011

TroovalInc.comWhat if you could predict which of your existing customers are going to keep on spending money on your products, and which are not giving them a second glance? Until now, that was the kind of thing that only mega-corporations could know, for the simple reason they were the ones that could afford such services (which as you can imagine, cost a king’s ransom). But that’s changing for good now. This Bay area startup makes it possible for even the most modest of companies to have access to top-of-the-line predictive services.

Trooval makes it simple for anybody to discover the loyalty potential of customers. If you go for this company’s services, you’ll have an alphanumeric score generated showing you which are the kind of customers that will not only come back a second time, but that will also tell their friends about your company and your products. Trooval does so by analyzing both public and third-party data, and everything is handled online. You don’t have to install anything on your own servers, and you don’t have to go and buy new hardware.

Two company offers two main solutions. The one named “Trooval PreQual” lets you predict the profitability of your prospects, whereas the one called “Trooval Loyalty Suite” lets portfolio manager know which owners are in risk of default.

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More – Share Your Predictions

  • October 19, 2011

GroupHunch.comYou don’t need a crystal ball and a funny hat for people to listen to what you think will happen in the future – there’s a site for that. GroupHunch is for all these dudes who have the uncanny gift of getting it right when speaking about what’s going to happen next. And also for those who are completely clueless, but who find doing such a thing enjoyable. The users of the site rate and comment all that’s posted on it, so that the ones who are to be trusted and the ones who donkey it get just what they deserve.

Pretty much anything can be predicted here. The site’s got seven categories: “Technology”, “Political”, “Entertainment”, “Sports”, “General”, “Economic” and “Nature”. The ones that seem to be more active are “Technology” and “Entertainment”, as these have got both the biggest number of predictions and also the largest number of open discussions.

And the site has also got an “Unchallenged” category where you can find all the predictions that nobody has said anything negative about. That doesn’t mean they are to be trusted blindly, but they’re certainly more interesting (or logical) than the rest.

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More – Make Your Own Predictions

  • July 8, 2011

Beansight.comThis is one for all the people who keep on predicting the outcome of events with a pensive mien, as if they were the reincarnation of Nostradamus themselves. Come to think of it, who doesn’t do something like that every now and then? The outcome of the next NFL game, the results of an election, what Facebook or Apple are going to announce in the next conference they are holding… we all do it every now and then. Well, this site will let us do it in a centralized way, and not only share what we have predicted with others but also get their own insight in return. On Beansight, just anybody can sign up for an account and start spreading his predictions with those who are willing to read them.

Which is one of the most commendable aspects of the service, actually – how it brings such content into the hands of people who are eager to consume it. Because a fact is a fact – not everybody is interested in these things. So, bringing all the people who do care about that on the same page is nothing short of praiseworthy. The will be able to interact there fully, and leave the rest well alone.

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More – Make Sports Predictions

  • June 11, 2011

Qwitted.comWe all have a friend or two who seem able to predict the outcome of matches and sporting events of every kind with pinpoint accuracy. Such people also have the distinctive trait of being unable to shut up about it afterwards, and they drive absolutely everybody off the bend. Well, there are more ways than one to make them cut it out. But one of the healthiest I can think of is actually sending them over to this particular website. It is called Qwitted, and it lets people who have a penchant for predicting scores and results both create and take part of face-offs whose outcome they will have to decide. That should be enough to keep our every friend of the soothsaying variety occupied for some time to come.

And the site is also something ordinary folks can try out, of course. We all have hunches, after all. If you feel strong-enough about any match, then you can simply head to the site and name your winner. After all, the site is completely free and open to use.

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More – Predict The Future

  • March 9, 2011

Fewtur.comFewtur is based on the ostensible premise that just anybody has got some prophetic qualities to him. Which is not wrong, but to build an entire site based on what people like you and me could predict might be a bit too much.

Because that is what Fewtur stands for. It is a site in which anybody can publish his own predictions, and have them not only read by others, but also voted and commented.

You can predict who will win the Super Bowl, how well Daniel Radcliffe and the rest of the Harry Potter gang will do now that they have hung up their wands and brooms, how likely you think it is for The Police to reunite and record a new album… Anything goes, really.

This site is hardly substantial. It is original in its own way. But it is not something really purposeful. And it might (or not) be something funny. It depends on what predictions you find on its homepage when you visit it.

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More – Predict The Outcome Of Matches

  • December 23, 2010

PrePlaySports.comPredicting the results of matches is an integral part of loving a sport. And there are already many applications that let punters do that, and brag about how wise they are afterwards. Pre Play Sports is one such app. It will let fans predict the outcome of any live NFL game.

The app can be downloaded at the iTunes Store, and once you have it you will be presented with a contextual menu for predicting how any play is going to end. Each play has a set value, as it is only logical – the play that defines the game could never be worth as much as the one that opens up the score.

The idea is that the ones who get it right the most will make it to the Pre Play Sports leaderboard, and they will also accumulate points they will be able to redeem for real life prizes (such as tickets) later on.

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More – Predict The Next Play If You Can

  • November 23, 2010

NextPlayApp.comA mobile app that will have sports lovers coming back for more, Next Play lets fans predict the outcome of upcoming plays during breaks in the action.

The idea is that you are sitting at home watching your favorite team play it out against all odds, and whenever the game is stopped you will have to make a choice by tapping on the relevant option from the many that are offered by Next Play. If you think that the player will run for a 1st down, you simply tap the relevant option. The same applies if you think he is making a pass, or if you think that he is going to turn over. And so on.

An application like this one clearly aims to make for a more involving television experience for everybody. People will be able to compete with their best friends, and also with those that they have always had differences with and see if once and for all they can determine who knows the game (and the players) best.

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More – Making Predictions More Accurately

  • October 15, 2010 is an appealing platform for data forecasting and prediction competitions. This innovative solution for predictive analytics outsourcing allows organizations post their data and get it analyzed. This company has developed a data mining software for data forecasting and prediction competitions.

Additionally, there are many benefits provided by when it comes to predictive analytics. Kaggle offers a consulting service that helps organizations prepare the data for the competition. On this site you will find information about the text mining and data mining software, developed to get time series analysis. You can use this platform for predictive analytics, and get time series analysis for competitions.

Then, whenever you need resources and information about this text mining and data mining software, feel free to stop by If you are looking for predictive analytics for time series analysis, this platform will let your organization get the data forecasting and prediction analysis competitions.

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More – For People Who Love Making Predictions

  • July 21, 2010

Wefutr.comWefutr is an aggregator of Twitter-based predictions. The basic aim of the site is to let people predict whatever they like using the popular micro-blogging platform, and have these predictions featured on its main page.

The mere aggregation of that content in such a setting ensures nothing will get lost in the avalanche of tweets which are sent out every single day. Not only that, the context in which predictions are placed makes for easy discussion among users of the website.

These are some of the predictions that were included when I gave the site a try: “Facebook moves into eharmony’s world by launching dating site” and “My prediction of Windows Phone 7: it will be a huge flop, just like the Kin”. I also noticed that the featured predictions had no real geographical barriers – they mapped out the whole world. In that sense, the aim of the site (encouraging forward thinking among all sectors) has a bigger chance of being realized, and the role it can eventually play when it comes to building critical minds is defined in terms that are much clearer.

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More – An Engine That Predicts The Future

  • July 12, 2010 is the official site of a company based in the Boston area.

Recorded Future has developed a useful way to organize the web including news publications, blogs, databases, and many other websites. If you are looking for an easy to use platform for web analytics, take a look at this site. What this site offers is a tracking software tool, that conducts technical analysis of the web, and then organize the information extracted. uses web SEO tools, as well as tracking software tools specially designed to provide users predictive technical analysis of web content. You can enter this site to learn more about this web analytics software and its features.

If you are looking for tracking software and web SEO tools for technical analysis of the web, you might consider as your one stop source. This web analytics platform might be useful for any temporal technical analysis of the web.

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More – Predicting The Outcome Of Sports Events

  • May 26, 2010

sProphet.comEverybody loves a sport or the other, and everybody has a group of friends who feel the same way. Trying to predict which team is wining the corresponding league has always been one of the most recurrent topics for conversation in such settings.

It has always been that way, and that won’t ever change. Every devout fan is a coach in himself. He fully feels he can do better than the utter incompetent who is currently in charge, and lead the team to victory. But that is not happening, so that sports fan have to stick to predicting the outcome of matches.

And that is something made very easy and enjoyable through a site like this one. Named sProphet, it will let fans of sports like basketball and soccer get together and start making prediction until they have mapped out entire seasons. And as many of you know, there is an upcoming soccer World Cup. sProphet has a section devoted to it. While the sport is not number one in the US, it is dearly beloved in the rest of the world. It is as important in South America and Europe as baseball and basketball in the US. There are people all over the globe that will find it engaging.

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More – A Social Site For Fans Of Sports

  • February 10, 2010

Champsden.comThose of you who have a fine eye for sports are going to maximize this site for sure. The same goes for the ones who have just a casual interest in this or that sport, because here they will be provided with an incentive to understand it better.

You see, Champsden is a social site in which people try and predict the outcome of matches for sports and leagues such as NBA, NFL, NHL and UFC. Those who hit the bulls’ eye will receive points, and these points will eventually be redeemable for prizes.

In actuality, every kind of interaction that takes place within the site will give you points. That includes meeting people and making new connections. Interacting through the provided forums will also translate into you accruing further points.

The site also has a leaderboard that you can check anytime you want, and see who sits at the top of the Champsden universe. Joining in is inexpensive, so that if sports are your cup of tea and you like the basic concept at play becoming part of it all will be easy.

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More – Building Up The Right Relationships

  • October 26, 2009

MoonIt.comHaving great and enduring relationships is something that almost all of us would like to accomplish at least once in our lives. However, not many of us have enough time to search for the right person to establish such a relationship.

In addition to this, some people are not as extrovert as they should be in order to show their interest for others. What happens to many of them? They end up alone, that’s what happens.

Moonit will be highly appreciated by them as well as by anybody that wants to have the chance to find the right person to establish a relationship. This service will give you the help you need in order to learn more about relationship compatibility and guidance in a very peculiar way.

Moonit is based on a social compatibility tool that uses astrological and psychological data to track your relationships, and give you data you can learn from over time. Some people say that this is like a virtual relationship therapist, and they might be right. After you use this service a coupe of times you will get answers to many of your questions in an easy way. Are you ready to gain insights into the past, present and future relationships in your life? Give this site a visit and start putting everything into perspective.

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More – An Online Sports Picking Community

  • October 9, 2009

CrowdPicks.comCrowdPicks is a brand-new sports picking community. Those who join and become members (for (free) can start making specific game predictions, and these game predictions are aggregated based on the performance of the member.

The best picks make their way to the section named “Intellipicks” and are sold.

There are more two types of accounts available, actually, and those who become premium members have the chance to employ filters and back-testing tools which are privative to them. These will basically enable them to create their own aggregate picks based on different criteria.

Lastly, CrowdPicks also shares revenue with members whose picks are featured as part of the official aggregate pick. And those who recruit new members are also rewarded for their efforts.

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More – Viral Video Prediction Market

  • October 2, 2008

ViralOrSpiral.comPeople make videos go viral by watching, sharing, commenting, and rating them. But, what if people could also predict a video’s likelihood of going viral? ViralOrSpiral.

com was just launched as a first attempt at developing a viral video prediction market. ViralOrSpiral is working towards harnessing collective opinion of what is viral and what is not from the people who make viral videos happen. Right now there is an appetite for a viral video prediction market from those who play a roll in identifying and sponsoring rising stars, or who simply like being aware of the upcoming viral sensations before they make it big. If you love watching videos online and want to participate in predicting what will be hot and what won’t make it at all, you should check out and take part in the action. Make your prediction and see if you have what it takes to foresee the future.

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More – The World Of Steve Quayle

  • February 27, 2008

Stevequayle.comAre you looking for a new and personalized way to understand the story of the world? If so, you can visit On this site you will find out more about the story of the world, including world time line data and information about women in history. Besides, this site also gives you data on precious metals, including gold price and much more.

Browsing through this site, you will find lots of useful links and articles with varied information about precious metals and rare coins. What is more, on you can read history articles, including Ancient Egypt topics or articles about women in history. Check the world time line to understand the story of the world.

To sum up, enter to find out more about the world of Steve Quayle. On this site you will find complete information on different topics, ranging from the story of the world to data on precious metals.

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More – Imagine the Future

  • February 26, 2008

Future Blogger is a blogging community dedicated to exploring the future. It enables anyone and everyone interested in the future to easily post their thoughts, predictions and scenarios before a like-minded group of people.

These posts are then rated by the community, with the best content rising to the top and onto the front page. Future Blogger’s main page is structured by a mix of community ratings and editorial curation. Composed of high-level interviews, custom illustrations, entertaining polls and all the best the community has to offer, the site is an engaging combination of top-down and bottom-up that gives every future blogger a chance to reach a broader audience.

Providing a shot to the arm of Future Blogger is its sister application Future Scanner, which aggregates and organizes the best future-related content on the web by year and category. Future Blogger users gain access to the Future Scanner through the same central user account and can use the site to easily browse and keep track of their favorite future links. Whenever a Future Blogger post receives enough votes it is automatically submitted to the Future Scanner, boosting its reach and social surface area.

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More – Predict, Protect and Prevent

  • February 16, 2008

IdSecure.comIn case you are looking for a way to prevent identity fraud, Identity Secure could be a good option to keep in mind. You can stop by this site to find information and tools to improve your ID theft protection. This site is visited by those who want to protect their financial ID, including annual credit reports and online shopping, by the application of a data protection act.

With you can have access to a way to protect your financial public data with annual credit reports among other tools. This site also provides you with different tools to help you avoid ID theft.

Remember next time you need to protect your annual credit reports and other financial public data in a simple way. Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable way to avoid ID theft, could be a good option for you to keep in mind.

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More – Make Predictions Comments & Friends

  • September 3, 2007

TheFanYard.comNFL and NCAAF fans are now invited to become a part of community where members predict the outcomes of the football games their lives revolve around.

Throughout the season, members predict the outcomes in terms of regular sports betting (no money involved here!) and the site will track their “sports wisdom.” Members can post comments such as, “picked the Saints to win by 2, Colts go down” and even more desperate examples like “colts if you don’t win I’m drinking my liquor cabinet.” In addition to stating their predictions, they can also build a community of friends and have discussions with fellow “The Best Team” fans. Members with the most accurate predictions during the season are featured on the Leaderboard where users can view top profiles and leave comments. Scheduling and timing is key to making predictions with in the time limits so in the Fan Yard is states that games are according to Eastern Standard Time and scores are updated every 15 minutes.

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