Power-Templates.Com – Free Powerpoint Template

  • February 11, 2009

Power-Templates.ComPower-templates.com gives you the chance to download a wide range of free Powerpoint templates and Powerpoint backgrounds. So, if you are planning to make a presentation soon, this website might be good for you to check, as it counts with a wide catalog that features different Powerpoint templates categories, including abstract Powerpoint templates, science templates and many others.

Power-templates.com will let you browse for different Powerpoint themes, ranging from business Powerpoint templates to educational and environment Powerpoint backgrounds. Moreover, you just have to click on a Powerpoint theme you prefer to download it to your computer.

Therefore, whenever you need information and resources about free Powerpoint templates you can download to your computer, feel free to visit Power-templates.com. On this website you will have the chance to download different Powerpoint backgrounds and themes easily from a large and variated catalog. Remember Power-templates.com next time you need visual support to success on a presentation. Power-Templates.Com

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HassleFreeClipart.com – A Wealth Of Free Images

  • May 13, 2008

HassleFreeClipart.comAren’t PPT’s clipart characters just absurd? Somebody should put the stickman scratching his geometrically wrong head next to the word ‘tacky’ in the dictionary. Though I acknowledge that my feeling towards Windows graphics packs might be a bit extreme, I also know that I’m not alone: there’s a silent crowd out there who just craves to stop having their eyes vexed by bad, bad graphics each time they have to endure a boring presentation.

Listen up, crowd person, HassleFreeClipart.com is part of your political agenda from now on: you can use it to right-click download clipart in many categories. The illustrations are usually innovative and fun, and are really perfect to spice up any marketing jargon-laden PPT or document; you will be able to find graphics for the usual categories: money, transportation, animals, sports, etc., plus there is a nice collection of Christian and biblical images. I was thrilled to discover retro Clipart –yes, as in black and white happy shiny ’50s and ’60s ladies and salesmen— and kid’s clipart, which is a category of illustrated images just like the rest, only dealing exclusively with animals and in a particularly colorful way. The best of this site is that unlike the rest of its competitors, you will get super moderate Google ads and banner load, and you are not required to sign up to download the images, so it is a really great site. HassleFreeClipart.com

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Qrimp.com – Web Apps in a Snap

  • December 16, 2007

Qrimp.comQrimp.com belongs to the same wave of getting your office and database into the web that took Google to launching its spoof PPT, only this one seems to work for real.

The idea empowering the site is that each piece of information serves different purposes, and thus probably needs a slightly different environment in order to work properly, and who if not the owner of that information is the right person to choose what’s the best way to work with that data? So what the site actually does is allowing users to develop and perfect their own data processing systems based on the sketches or pre-templates the company offers. You can browse them on the site, and see that they mainly comprise the utilities of MS’s Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, and Wikipedia plus a couple of more unique features. As the platform mainly works as an open database, managers can choose to give different hierarchies to other users of the apps in order to permit or restrict information or formula editing, issue read-only permits, etc.

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