How Do You Make Time For Social Media?

  • May 21, 2013

Writing 140-character tweets or replying to a Facebook comment takes minutes – entrepreneurs waste hours on social media when they’re reading, not engaging. Twitter and Facebook were designed to suck you in to click on photo albums, read blog posts, and watch videos, but none of these activities grow…

More – Like Groupon For Jobs

  • January 4, 2011

TheJobRoulette.comThe Job Roulette brings to mind several different sites that have been wildly popular over the course of the last year, and which are still going strong in many cases. ChatRoulette and Groupon are certainly the two that spring to mind more markedly, as The Job Roulette is a site in which a different random job opening is posted each day. People have 24 hours to apply for it. Once that period of time has elapsed, the opening is replaced with a new one.

Of course, this system holds itself together because applicants are always hired within 24-48 hours of sending their resumes in. That is what makes the site usable – if recruiters took longer, people would not be free to apply for new jobs as they are listed.

In any case, a minimum number of people must apply for a job so that it becomes activated (IE, really available). You will always be able to see how many people have applied, just like you can always see how many people have pledged to buy something on Groupon.

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More – Letting You Post More Vivid Job Openings

  • July 3, 2010

DullWork.comThere are certainly lots of sites that companies can resort to in order to post job openings and try to draw fresh talent in. These are invariably generic, and don’t give candidates an accurate sense of what the companies are all about.

In order to learn that, candidates should head straight to the company’s own site and see in which way does it define itself. Nobody would blame you if you thought that there should be a better way to do that, or a way that is more direct at the very least. Well, it transpires that there is such a way, and it is found at

In principle, Dullwork is a job posting site that lets employers create customizable pages for listing job openings. This means that each company that signs up (for free during the current beta run) can display all available jobs listings using custom branding, an that all the listings will become displayed in a centralized location.

This makes things easier for everybody – companies can have full control over what they are posting, and job seekers have the chance to learn more about these companies they are submitting their resumes to without even have to open a new window. So everybody saves time and effort in the end.

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More – Read & Post Classifieds Online

  • January 17, 2010

FullOfThings.comFull Of Things is a classifieds site that aims to provide those who frequent it with “virtually anything”. Having a look at the main list of categories a case can be made that the website comes quite close to achieving it.

There are 10 main categories, and these include “Buy & Sell”, “Car & Vehicles” and “Housing” along with “Jobs” and “Services”. Needless to say, each and every single one of these categories subdivides itself into several others. For instance, the “Buy & Sell” category includes products ranging far and wide like electronics, books and clothes, whereas the one named “Cars & Vehicles” encompasses boats and bikes alongside trucks and RVs.

Besides, a “Social” category which is made up of subsections like “Guys seeking girls” is provided along with a full category which is devoted to events.

On the whole, this site is as comprehensive as it claims to be. But so is Craiglist, and that has been around for longer enough so as to guarantee the veracity of what is being included and listed there. Whether people will go for something like Full Of Things remains to be seen. The fact is that the site is comprehensive, and that an effort has clearly been made for coming up with something which is competitive enough.

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More – Marathon Blogging

  • October 29, 2008

NaBloPoMo.comNaBloPoMo (short for “National Blog Posting Month”) is a web-based endeavor which is geared towards bloggers or people who want to join the blogosphere and start writing at least one post per day during a month.

A theme for writing is presented every month.

Those who manage to fulfill the quota of posts are then eligible for prizes which are donated by NaBloPoMo members, and which are given at random among those who reached the monthly goal.

To join the blogroll, bloggers are requested to send the name of their blog and the corresponding URL to the provided e-mail address. The link has to be formatted in a specific way which is set down on the FAQ, so make sure to read that out.

Once you have signed up, it is possible to join existing NaBloPoMo groups. These are highlighted on the main page, along with the “Blog of the Week”.

If you like this approach to writing and posting online and are interested in knowing more about it, you can always address your e-mails to [email protected] for further information.

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More – Jobs for Healthcare Professional

  • June 30, 2008

MedicalJobsToday.comAre you a healthcare professional looking for work? At you can find all sorts of job postings for all types of healthcare professionals including nurses, physicians, pharmacists, radiology technicians, physical therapists, lab techs, and more.

On the site you can browse through the job postings, find detailed information on each of the jobs offered, and apply. If you don’t find something that interest you can still make use of the site by posting your resume. Employers can look at your CV and make you an offer if they are interested in your qualifications. The site features a Spotlight Jobs section where you can see the newest and most interesting job postings along with information on the featured employer. You’ll also be able to read articles on different healthcare professions and related topics, and even get some useful career advice. If you don’t want to miss out on what cold be your career future, visit the site often, you might find exactly what you’re looking for.

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More – The Job Hunting Machine

  • June 29, 2008

Luckydogjobs.comAre you looking for a job? Are you looking for an employee? If you are, this is the site you need to check out. Luckydogjobs.

com is an online community created for those who need a job and for those who need to hire someone. Whether you are a job seeker or an employer, you will be able to post in the site. You will be able to post a job opening and search for resumes if you need an employee. On the other hand, you will be able to post your resume and search for a job opening if you are an employee. This is a pretty cool service, isn’t it? And guess what makes it more interesting? It is free; all you need to do is to create a free account. In the home page of you will find the recent job post for you to find what you were looking for. Do you want more info? Check out everyday.

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TheDailyModel.Com – The Daily Model Website

  • June 20, 2008

TheDailyModel.ComThe Daily Model Network is a social networking place for models around the world to gather together and have fun. All you have to do is sign up an account there and start posting your portfolio online for free.

You can get viewed by millions of eyes on the Internet and possibly gain this special exposure for any opportunities. You can create your portfolio in just a few minutes. You will get unlimited pictures uploading, create personal profile, create personal favorite list, leave personal message to members, and leave comment on members. You can browse the site by its many categories located at the top of the homepage, including Home, My Account, Search, Sign Up, Shout Box, FAQ, and Blogs. In order to sign up all you have to do is enter your stage name, email address, confirm email address, password, and confirm password. If you are searching for an specific model just choose the gender, the age range, and the country, press search and you will access to all the models available with that description. TheDailyModel.Com

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More – Linking Sales People With Opportunities

  • June 4, 2008 is a sales community that links sales people with sales opportunities though nationwide recruiting career fairs, direct placement, and website services.

In the home page you will find information about the company and the services it provides. There are several links for you to check out, like the “Recruiting Events” section, “Internet Services”, and the “Direct Placement” page. There are still more services regarding the job market. You can ask a professional to write a “winning” resume in one business day. A well-written resume can give you as many job opportunities as you can imagine. Below that link you will find the latest job posters, where you will see a list of the companies that posted a job opening recently. Then you will be able to check out what the job offer is by clicking on one of the companies’ links. Whether you are an employer or an employee, you can find this site useful. Visit for more info.

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More – Post, Find Yard Sales

  • June 3, 2008

YardSaleAd.comSummer is ideal for yard sales. There’s no school, the kids can set up lemonade stands, people actually come out of hiding and want to find a good bargain, the weather’s nice, etc.

The question is, ‘How do I sell my yard sale?’ . Certainly, there’s the old school cardboard sign along the side of the road, and a clever ad in the Sunday classifieds. But those don’t really guarantee anything. Now you can try another method: YardSaleAd. It’s a website that lets you post your yard sale and all the important details. For those looking for a good sale, YardSaleAd makes it easy. Just enter your search criteria (location, categories, date, etc) and YardSaleAd will help you find it. Simply register to get all access for free.

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More – As Easy As It Gets

  • May 30, 2008 is your one stop free help site for all things web related.

It’s a full equipped guide to help you do almost everything in the internet, including hosting, design, and construction of your webpage. Besides, in the “Free Resources” section you will find everything from free webspace to host your site to graphics, programs and applets that will help you make it look nice. Many users are part of this community, and they express themselves through the site’s forum. This way, every integrant of EchoEcho listen to opinion, comments, questions, and try to help the less experienced in all the topics they need support. So, if you are new to the site, you will have a great assistance, either from the page’s resources, either from the users. You can navigate through the page by clicking the links above, which will lead you to all the services available in

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More – Freelance Gigs

  • May 18, 2008

PinoyLancer.comDespite the name, you don’t have to be Filipino to use PinoyLancer.PinoyLancer is a newly launched Philippines-based website that was made by Pinoys for Pinoys, but caters to freelancers around the globe.

If you find the tedium of a nine-to-five hard to bear, and like to work on your own time and under your own rules, freelancing is the way to go. PinoyLancer, like Elance or iFreelance, offers freelancers a place to go to find their next gig. So whether you’re a photographer, programmer, developer, or writer, you can search PinoyLancer’s listings to find something that suits your skills. It’s free to join as well as post a listing. Joining lets you message prospective employers/employees. The listings so far, aren’t something to write home about, but then again, it’s in beta.

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More – Craig Doesn’t Speak Taiwanese

  • March 1, 2008 you are browsing this site, there is a big fat chance that you don’t need me to explain what CraigsList is, but maybe you do need to be remembered that it is a listing service that was originally created to help the people in the San Francisco bay area list stuff for sale, exchange, post their personals, job openings and many many many more stuff. The service is free (with some exceptions for the original lists) and has become a boomer success; like YouTube, CraigsList is a killer startup per definition.

Because they have long since hatched, they too have reproduced and migrated to other parts of the US (most notably NY, Chicago, Washington, Seattle and other large cities), but they have gone global too, and now have local lists in lots of countries in Asia/Pacific, Europe, South America and two countries in Africa (Egypt and South Africa); the URL you see in the title of this review is the one for the Taiwan version of this posting service. CraigsList has been furiously accused of ruining local economies by presenting people with only mild savings or benefits in regard to the locals, and sending their dollars far far away, and though I will refrain from commenting on this point, one thing is definite: all the site is written in English, and though you might say that the site might not support Asian characters, take a look at the forum and posts from places that speak other languages and write in the same alphabet than English, and you’ll see that they too speak mostly in English, so maybe this is a good opportunity to reassess the local impact of listings of this kind. Maybe we can all chip in to pay for some Berlitz lessons for Craig?

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More – Post Your Images

  • February 21, 2008 offers you the opportunity to upload images, completely free of charge.

The process is quite simple as well as reliable and really quick. You just pick the image from your computer files, type in a description of the picture, and click on upload it. An advantage of this service is that registration or login is not compulsory. Whenever you need the picture, the picture will be in the site. The homepage has a rather simple layout and could use some colors. On the other hand, the layout is also very simple yet works for its benefit, given that it contributes with an intuitively comprehensible navigation. The main menu is displayed horizontally on the bottom of the page, where you can find some links that redirect you to information of the site as well as FAQ’s. Check it out at!

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More – The Actor’s resource

  • February 17, 2008

Backstage.comAre you a performing artist or in the show business? If so, this web will greatly help you. Backstage.

com has all the information for artists like actors, dancers, musicians, models, comedians, etc need. There you can find postings of castings and auditions all around the world, especially inside the United States and Canada. For people that look for artists this web gives the opportunity of finding new undiscovered talents as well. also offers artists lots of learning opportunities such as portfolio building, and even how to prepare tax incomes. Some services require a free subscription to the page that provides lots of benefits and newsletters. The page layout is very easy to navigate, including quick links to the main interest’s sections. All artists around the world should know this page.

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More – Offline Blog Management

  • October 3, 2007

Airpress.orgWith AirPress you can have all of the same features of most blog services, custom, animated windows, drag and drop Support for the media (pictures, sounds, videos, flash animations) you want to insert in your post and what sets Airpress apart, detection online and offline. AirPress is free to use and is now in version 0.

3 and have been able to work out some of the kinks that they had in phase 1 and 2. There is a simple 3 step process to blogging with AirPress. First you choose the name of the blog and URL, then a username and password, then you will come to a new screen where you can add new elements or delete old posts, then on the third and final screen you can add any media you wish to be on the blog by using drag and drop technology, and thats it.

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