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More – Sending Out Messages To The Future

  • September 14, 2009

Futuristk.comThis is a new social networking site which involves an online messaging service whereby users can send communications to the future. These are delivered to recipients at an exact date which is stipulated beforehand.

Messages can be delivered up to 50 years from the day you write them down.

A service like this one can be put to as many uses as you can imagine – sending messages to you future self reminding him life is beautiful and also for blogging in advance, letting you schedule posts in case you want to have a holiday and leave work absolutely at home.

Also, a post-mortem feature is included for users to schedule messages to be sent the moment that they have passed away. That is, you designate people of your trust to be notified once you breathed your last.

That is a good range of services, and while I don’t necessarily think that can become the next big thing, it is certainly useful to know such a service is around and that it can be easily employed should the urge take you.

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