Portwiture.com – Your Twitter Status In Photos

  • May 12, 2009

Portwiture.comA new experiment that can be described as a mashup blending Twitter and Flickr together, Portwiture will enable you to come up with “visual” tweets. That is, this solution grabs photographs from the popular image hosting service and matches these with your most recent Twitter updates, or with the latest tweets of any Twitter user you search for.

In any case, when you carry out a search you can tweak with some aspects like choosing the pictures from the words the person uses the most, whereas the photos can be sorted by tags. These include “relevance”, “most interesting” and “most recently taken” to name a few. Once you have set down these parameters, the results can be browsed through as a slideshow, or viewed as a grid.

The uses such a service can be put to are left to each Twitterer, of course. While it will not cause a sensation or anything like that, this service has the potential of creating a visual representation of a Twitter profile. Those who wish to approach Twitter in a fashion as pictorial as it can get will find some spark in here.

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