Imendi.com – Learn A New Language

  • January 10, 2011

Imendi.comImendi is a promising site that revolves around the learning of foreign languages. You simply specify the one that you currently speak and then the one that you are keen on picking up for a smooth learning process to be commenced.

The focus here is mainly on learning new words, as slowly or quickly as you might need. Once you have chosen the two languages that apply, you will begin being presented with words to be matched. It all resembles a game, really, and that goes into making the site a more appealing one in the end.

There are really not that many languages supported yet. As a matter of fact, only four are supported – English, Spanish, Portuguese and Czech (the programmer is from Czech Republic). But give the site some time, it has just been launched. I am sure those who try it right now will find the whole approach cool enough. Anything that makes for improving you knowledge while having fun at the same time is always met enthusiastically, in the end.

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PicTranslator – Translate Pictures With Your iPhone

  • December 11, 2009

PicTranslatorFotozio is a company that develops iPhone apps, and it has just released its very first product. Named PicTranslator, it gives a certainly useful ability to iPhone users: turning the camera of the device into an instant translator.

That is, once the app has been installed you will be capable of pointing your iPhone to any warning, map or sign and have it translated on the spot. Of course, a service such as this one will be priceless for travelers that have lost their way or are about to do so, as they won’t need to speak a single word in order to get some basic guidance.

As if that wasn’t enough, PicTranslator is also capable of reading the text which is displayed in the picture aloud. In practice, that means if you do need the kind of information that only a person (IE, a local if we stick to the traveling scenario) could give this app will have you duly covered as well.

So far, PicTranslator supports about twenty languages. That is, it can translate into English from any language of a list that includes Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, Greek, Polish… That is an excellent start to an app that is set to find a niche of its very own.

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Incontestavel.freehostia.com – Blog On Music & Society

  • May 19, 2009

Incontestavel.freehostia.comIf you speak Portuguese, this blog might just be an interesting destination for you to drop by. Basically, it is devoted to news as a whole.

Here you can read about music, sports, and general reflections on everything. A section devoted to social study and analysis is featured as well, whereas a section that goes by the name of “Lame stuff” delivers exactly what its title promises.

The contents of the blog can be browsed in the usual way – IE, there is a list including the abovementioned categories on the right-hand side of every page, while a cloud of keywords is featured for added convenience.

The actual writing is quite fulfilling, and those looking for an alternative source of news and insight are certain to find something to mull over right here. If you think that definition applies to you and you want to know more about this weblog, start by setting your browser to incontestavel.freehostia.com and see which category best matches your interests.

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YouDIG.mainada.net – Online Pictionary

  • May 16, 2008

YouDIG.mainada.netYouDIG is online Pictionary. To participate you must have a Gmail account to sign into the rooms.

Once you have an account you can begin. Each riddle has a category and a room as a driver you can choose a room or create your own. You can copy the URL and share it with your friends so they can participate. When you are ready to being you press start to reveal the word, then you must begin drawing the word. Other participants guess by using chat. The game is done when someone guesses correctly, the time runs out or you decide to skip the word. Each participant gets a chance to be the driver and draw. You can also suggest riddles for the game. Riddles are available at all difficulty levels, in many categories and in either Portuguese or English. Have fun with YouDIG and draw away.

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Sdportugalia.com – Western Portuguese Delights

  • April 23, 2008

Sdportugalia.comThe next time you are in San Diego, you need to think twice before going to get those fish tacos from your favorite restaurant. Instead, why not try for something a little more exotic and fanciful on your next journey through Southern California.

Sdportugalia.com is the web site for Portugalia, a Portuguese restaurant and pub located in San Diego. This site has all the information on Portugalia so that your next dining experience will contain a bit of the flare and the panache of Portuguese cuisine. The site will help you get accustomed to the sights, smells, and wonderful dishes that await you at this innovative restaurant and pub. You can learn about the restaurant’s owners and browse the menu. Or, you can even study up on Portugal so that you have a cultural understanding before you ingest the delectable morsels from Iberia. And, if you are in love with Portuguese food, you can also learn about catering and reception opportunities. Sdportugalia.com

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PlentyAfricans.com – Celebrating African Culture

  • November 19, 2007

PlentyAfricans.comPlentyAfricans.com is a social network dedicated to the African community.

No Matter if you are from the content Africa itself, or African American, Afro Brazilian, if you want to celebrate our African heritage PlentyAfricans.com is the site for you. PlentyAfricans.com focuses on African culture by featuring information in African events and topics such as fashion and music. PlentyAfricans.com functions like other social networks, first you create a profile, where you upload an image of yourself along with including other information. You can record your voice on your profile as well. Once you have created a profile you can search for friends in your town or in other parts of the world. Share your music and videos with other users, vote on each others photos, chat with other users with your web cam, play games with other users, post comments and blogs, get involved in the community. PlentyAfricans.com features international video channels which you can explore. PlentyAfricans.com is a community that allows members to connect and share their culture and interests.

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