Wozaik.com – Bookmarking Content By Cropping It

  • June 23, 2010

Wozaik.comWe all can tell a similar story of how we bookmark sites because they seem promising on first looks, and how we never check them ever again. In practice, this means that we effectively make our collections of bookmarks end up cluttered with sites we haven’t got the foggiest idea what they actually do.

That is a common occurrence, and one that certainly goes into explaining why there are so many tools like Wozaik available. No, that’s not it. Properly speaking, there are tools that have a similar objective (IE, bringing some order into your collection of bookmarks). But Wozaik does something that is quite unique: it lets you cut individual portions of sites and then have them displayed side to side. It is not entirely inaccurate, then, to call Wozaik a tool for bookmarking specific content instead of full sites.

A system like this one solves the recurrent issue of bookmaking a website and subsequently forgetting exactly why you did it, and what it was you found there that seemed worth-keeping.

Wozaik can be added to your browser simply by dragging the provided bookmarklet, or by clicking on the “Add it automatically” button that is provided. The process is an inexpensive one in both cases, and you will be able to start cropping and saving the most remarkable content that you find when browsing the Web right away.

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