InnerActive Smart Media – Mobile Advertising Campaigns

  • September 3, 2007

InnerActive Smart MediaInnerActive provides a smart media platform for delivery of promotions and advertising in the space of rich content mobile media. It is a new innovative platform for managing ad-funded mobile advertising campaign.

The company technology enhancing mobile operators, portals and digital content provider abilities to use a new creative business model in order to increase revenue from cellular phones users. innerActive’s platform enables scalable and dynamic product placement solutions for rich media mobile content as well as digital coupon management according to the user’s profile and consumption behaviors.

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Widgets by Criteo: recommendation engine for blogs

  • August 21, 2007

Criteo is a startup selling its recommendation engine service to e-commerce website and content portals. It increases their revenues and page views.

Now Criteo uses its recommendation engine to give to bloggers some widgets to increase their traffic and earnings.
Autoroll widget by Criteo is an automatic blogroll that displays links to blogs your readers will like. The Criteo’s recommendation engine discovers the most similar blogs based on your visitor’s browsing history and feeds Autoroll with this blogs.

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Symbaloo.com – The Simple Start Page

  • July 2, 2007

Symbaloo.comSymbaloo is a startpage which consolidates access to links in customizable boxes. A Google search box takes center stage, while surrounding it are links to tools such as wikis, dictionaries and recipes, entertainment: movies, music, tv, lifestyle: restaurants, hotels and second hand, and travel, with tickets, weather and routes.

Clicking on any box brings up another search panel in place of the Google box. There are a number of grey modules which can be customized with your favorite links. You can move them around, delete them, and edit them to suit your purposes. Set up Symbaloo as your default startpage. Use it to refine your searches. It makes for a nice portal with convenient options for surfing the web.

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