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AdInfuse.com – Personalized Mobile Advertising

  • October 26, 2007

AdInfuse.comRemember when mobile phones were used just to make calls? Well those days are long gone. Today mobile phones are an essential medium for entertainment and advertising and most companies are taking advantage of this method.

AdInfuse.com provides platforms for carriers and brands that helps them personalize and target their ads for mobile phones and portable media devices. AdInfuse.com features the AdInMotion solution which helps brands target advertisements for users by collecting information; on the customer’s data, such as age and geography, contextual information; such as media usage patterns, and data on content and advertisements. Carriers gather this important information so that advertisers can customize their ads for each mobile user. Advertisers can then send messages to customers via; steaming video, mobile games, and video downloads. The AdInfuse platform lets you choose your ad and target group, for example women between the ages of 30 to 50 years old. The platform is easy to use and gives users control and flexibility over the filters of the target group of customers. AdInfuse.com gives brands a competitive edge on advertising that should be lucrative.

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