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FastEagle.com – Quick, Multi Site Browsing

  • June 26, 2008

FastEagle.comFastEagle is a search megatool which lets you quickly search through the internet’s most popular sites. They’ve basically compiled and housed, under one roof, hundreds of websites, handpicked by the editorial team for usefulness and popularity, for easier searching.

The original source site loads into the main window as you search, much like a browser in a browser. A user searching for content simply has to click any category title from the top bar and then click on a link from the side bar on the left. Or, alternatively, they can use the search bar at the center of the page and pick from any of the links below it. A vast array of different sites are included: among these are Zoho, Fax Zero and Wetpaint, all under the heading tools, MSNBC, ABC, and BBC under news, Funny or Die, Cool Stuff and Virtual Worlds under fun, and imeem, Deezer, and Lala under music. Customization options are in the works.

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Popularlinks.com – Popular Sites On The Net

  • April 16, 2008

Popularlinks.comLooking for a site where you can have access to almost every popular site on the internet? I so, this is without a shadow of a doubt the site you have been looking for. Popularlinks.

com is aimed at becoming your online source for nearly every existing popular site on the net. In order to make your search easier, they have prearranged the site in different sections including free auto insurance quote, laptop computers, weight loss diets, credit card consolidation, free credit card report, cosmetic plastic surgery and cheap family vacations, among many others. If you enter to their laptop computers area, the site will generate, using their automated system, the most popular links related with the topic you have selected, such as links to sites where you will be able to purchase notebooks, find great notebook deals, save money, and more. The site also offers links to other sites such as realestate.biz, webhosting.biz and more. Popularlinks.com

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Ranking.com – Free Comparative Statistical Data

  • January 7, 2008

Ranking.comLooking for a site where you can have access to a list of the most popular websites? If so, this is the site you have been looking for. Ranking.

com is dedicated to provide the internet community with a source for comparative statistics about websites for free. In order accomplish that mission, they calculate the online popularity of the most visited websites and provide these results for free. Statistics are determined by surfers activity on the net and their rankings are based on what is popular between users. In addition they give you the possibility to display ranking.com data on your website. If you want to receive a report which contains information on your sites metrics, link count data, contact information, like address, phone number, site age and last modified date, among others. Ranking.com

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