PopBuzz.me – An Aggregator Of The Latest News

  • October 21, 2010

PopBuzz.mePop Buzz is a young site that aggregates the latest news together, and has them displayed based on how much they are being mentioned on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Digg (the one site to which the clearest debt is paid here – well, at least to its original incarnation).

“Business”, “Entertainment”, “Tech”, “Sports” and “Life” are the categories under which all the news presented here are filed. And if you want to make reading the site something comparable to reading a newspaper and learn a little about just everything, then you can always click on the button labelled “All” and get an overall helping of information. And just like Digg, the latest news are always highlighted on the main page.

That’s basically it. The site doesn’t really break any new ground, simply because there is not a lot to add to a scene that is this crowded. It’s hard to think of someone giving up either Digg or Reddit and go for this new service, frankly, but you never know…

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