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Solarexpert.com – Solar Energy Solutions

  • May 8, 2008

Solarexpert.comSolarexpert.com has been providing solar energy solutions to Southern California since 1974.

Its products are very useful for all, residential, commercial, and municipal clients. They specialize in solar system designs, installation, and repair. Some of its clients are: Long Beach Unified School, California Pools of Hope, Maricopa Associates, new Horizons, Oilwell, Us Coast Guard, etc. At the web site you will see different sections, such as: solar water heating, solar pool heating, solar photovoltaic, etc. In the solar water heating section you will see: household heating information, samples of the company’s water heating installations, how a passive water heater works, and solar water heating facts and question. If you are interested specifically in solar pool heating information there is a link with a general description of solar pool heating. In case you need more details or further information about Ameco services, you can write them an e-mail or contact them at their toll free phone. Solarexpert.com

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