PonUp.com – Post & Browse International Classifieds

  • October 8, 2010

PonUp.comPonUp is a new classifieds website that has the distinction of covering countries all over the world. The site has just launched and it already includes countries such as the US, Argentina, India, Spain, Germany and Chile.

This comes at a price, of course. The listings that you can find on the site are a bit limited in terms of scope. Currently, PonUp will let you find only cars, properties and jobs. An extra vertical for products is going to be added soon.

Still, it must be said that the three categories which are already featured are the three that always attract the most attention in sites such as Craiglist. I am sure the team behind PonUp had to think over and over what to include and what to omit in this internationalized website, and I believe they have made the right choices so far. I say that based not only on the categories that have been included, but also because support for seven different languages is already provided.

Also, the interface is very neat. You will be able to find and compare whatever you are looking for, and you will also be allowed to save the results of any search that you conduct for later reference.

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