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  • January 23, 2008

Frontpagemag.comPublished by the Center for the Study of Popular Culture, FrontPage is home for controversial right-wing columnist David Horowitz, whose conservative pieces are to be found here, together with a comprehensive selection of written pieces from newspapers and the Web which follow this same political agenda, both in written format and videos. The editorial line which FrontPage Magazine supports clearly favors Israel in the Middle East conflict, while it struggles to unveil the horrors and injustices that take place in the muslim world/culture by denouncing and informing extensively on them.

Interestingly, the site hosts a complete archive of its articles, which is an honest publishing outlook, as it allows readers to review past postures on topics as different as Feminism, Fifth Column Leftists, Foreign Policy or Free Market, in regards to the F letter. Frontpagemag.com

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