Poligraft.com – Understanding Political Information

  • August 11, 2010

Poligraft.comA very novel web-based tool, Poligraft can be used to discover all there is to know about the politicians and political organizations that are mentioned in any text. By copying and pasting a text into the box that is provided you will be able to have its every political connotation analyzed.

You will know exactly who is who, and the way in which individuals relate to any of the organizations that are mentioned as part on that document. You will also learn about the connections between organizations, obviously.

When it comes to using this service, you have two options. The first was mentioned above: cutting and pasting a block of text for the application to analyze it. The other involves supplying the URL of any news article or feature that mentions political institutions and politicians. The page will be run through, and a report explaining the different connections between the politically-charged elements in the text will then be produced.

At the end of the day, this site aims to give people an enhanced view and appreciation of the political participants of the American scene. Such a service will be highly-esteemed by foreigners who are not that acquainted with names and organizations, although Americans will also find it an excellent tool for reviewing concepts.

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