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PoliceGuide.com – Your Guide To Cop Culture

  • June 15, 2008

PoliceGuide.comWould you like to find out all the cop culture´s secrets? Then you should consider visiting PoliceGuide.com, your online guide to cop culture.

Here on the site you will learn all about cop´s products and careers, through interesting articles, videos, and more. Want to know more about tactical weapons, disaster supplies, ammunition, etc? Then check out the police products section and find the information you are looking for. “I can´t reach my license unless you hold my beer”, and “ aren’t you the guy from Village People?” Are just some of the things you should never say to a cop; want to read other cool phrases you shouldn’t say to a cop? Then go to the police humor section and just have some fun! Be sure to also visit the 911 funny calls section and have a blast! Before leaving the site, take a look at the unique police photos, that for sure will keep you entertained for a while. PoliceGuide.com

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