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Never Lose An Awesome Link Again

Never Lose An Awesome Link Again

Point makes is super easy to share, talk about, and keep track of awesome articles on the internet.

Read More – The Antenna You Need

If you are looking for your nearest digital TV transmitter then you should check out the great website and see what you can find out. This site is the webpage for the company Antenna Point which helps people to find the antenna locations that they need for personal and business use. This site will help you with all kinds of electronic things that you might not even be aware of. There is a Antenna Point mobile...

Read More – Challenge Friends With Your Iphone

Games that are played using your iPhone to take photos and prove where you’ve been and what you’ve done are nothing new. Take a look at Wander, for example. Or GameMaki. These let you challenge all of your friends, and the only way in which they’ll prove they’ve completed a mission is by taking a quick snap with their mobiles. And now, OneFeat is revising the concept for good. In general, OneFeat lets you...

Read More – Keep Track Of All That You Want

Check-ins for things instead of places. That is the essence of this site. Users of TakeTake can individualize these items that they have (or that they plan on having), and begin following them. In this way, they can learn all that is said about these products that mean something to them, and read all the conversations directly connected to these items. And in the vein of FourSquare, people are rewarded for interacting through this...

Read More – A New Take On Location Services

Shopkick is exploring the true (and unused) potential that location-based services have when it comes to the marketing and promotion of products. You see, the iPhone app that is provided by this company takes the commercial aspect of location-based networking to a whole new level. Instead of being rewarded with contextual information or virtual goods for their activity, the people who employ Shopkick are receiving tangible incentives...

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