LitSay.com – A Community Site For Writers

  • January 5, 2011

LitSay.comLitSay is a community site for writers. Here, those who are thinking about creating their very first books can share what they have managed to pen so far and get the insight of people who are in a comparable position, along with the opinion of those who already have a good couple of books under their belts. And the site is also open to the latter, of course – people who have already published a tome or two will be able to share their newest work with people who are just getting started, and get a much fresher perspective. LitSay lets people have it both ways.

And the fact that more than 15 different categories are provided goes into ensuring the site will be usable to writers from all over the specter. So does the fact that this literary community can be joined for free. All you need to do is supply the basic personal and contact information that is asked for your own account to be created, and to start interacting with people sharing your very same literary goals.

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RingPoem.com – Have Your Poetry Published Online

  • July 20, 2010

RingPoem.comDo you like poetry? If you enjoy writing your own poems and you want to publish them online, feel free to stop by Ringpoem.com. This site lets poets publish poetry online, by simply making a call. Call the phone number provided on Ringpoem.com and record your poems in your own voice.

This site lets you promote your poems on the web easily. Ring Poem was developed to let you share your poems with your friends. Once you have finished your poem, dial the toll free number provided and record your poem. This is a good site to visit if you want to publish poetry online for free.

You can read the most recent poems added on this site, and check the poems you publish on Ringpoem.com. You can share your poems with your friends, and also read other poems. In conclusion, if you are a poet who wants to promote and publish poetry online, remember to keep this site in mind.

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Rhymes.net – An Online Rhyming Dictionary

  • February 9, 2010

Rhymes.netAt Rhymes.net you are going to find an online rhyming dictionary that will cater for all the aspiring Dylans out there.

Thousands of rhyme entries are included for almost any given word and the interface is as clear as you could possibly want it to be. Searching for a rhyme implies specifying a keyword either by typing it in or by looking it up alphabetically. Matches will there and then be displayed, arranged by the number of syllables. As you probably know, that is one of the main parameters that are applied when writing “classic” poetry instead of contemporary verse – the contemporary taste dictates that compositions ends up resembling a prose work more than anything.

As a bonus, whenever you choose a word by looking it up alphabetically you will be provided with a dictionary entry, and you will have the chance to have the word translated into another language. The dictionary function is great – I used to write day in and day out when I was younger, and sometimes I would kind of dream up words. That is, I would arrive at words by association, not entirely sure what they meant or if they even existed for that matter. If the same happens to you (and I am certain that it happens to the majority of people who toil with any language), the site will let you figure out where you stand and proceed ahead without breaking stride.

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A Blog On Everything – CodePoetics.com/Poetix

  • October 16, 2009

A Blog On EverythingWhat is the motivation when it comes to reading the insight of a person who is an utter stranger? What drives people to blogs like these time after time? In my opinion, the fact of bonding with people that we perceive as our equals (no better than us, and no lesser than us) must play a prominent part in the process. This particular blog will let you learn more about the following topics: “guitar”, “music”, “poetry”, “programming” and “python”.

There is also a very active “general” subcategory where current topics are brought into consideration.

As you can see, the thematic range of the blog is an expansive one. If you have a professed liking when it comes to any of them, Poetix will most likely let you enhance your overall understanding while having a good time. Click on the link below in order to learn more. A Blog On Everything

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Quality Poetry Works – DavidMoolten.WordPress.com

  • October 9, 2009

Quality Poetry WorksThis is the blog of David Moolten who is a writer that gives you the chance to take a look at his works in a simple way. David is the author of three great books of poetry called Plums & Ashes, Especially Then, and Primitive Mood, and has just been published.

These works have been awarded with different recognitions like the Samuel French Morse Poetry Prize and the T.S. Eliot Prize from Truman State University Press. IN case you like poetry this blog seems to be a good option for you to read great works written by a professional physician that gives you his view on many related matters. Quality Poetry Works

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A Blog For Romantics – AvonRomanceBlog.Blogspot.com

  • September 23, 2009

A Blog For RomanticsSome people prefer writing their ideas in many ways. Poetry is an interesting genre that allows you to show your passion for many matters in a quite peculiar way.

This is the blog of Diane Lockward, who is a writer in New Jersey giving you her poems and latest works in a very simple and accessible way.

The simple fact that you can read some of her works, and that you will be able to learn about many other matters concerning books and authors will be attractive to many users. Give it a visit at Dianelockward.blogspot.com now and you will not regret it. A Blog For Romantics

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Learn More About Poetry – DianeLockward.Blogspot.com

  • September 23, 2009

Learn More About PoetrySome people prefer writing their ideas in many ways. Poetry is an interesting genre that allows you to show your passion for many matters in a quite peculiar way.

This is the blog of Diane Lockward, who is a writer in New Jersey giving you her poems and latest works in a very simple and accessible way.

The simple fact that you can read some of her works, and that you will be able to learn about many other matters concerning books and authors will be attractive to many users. Give it a visit at Dianelockward.blogspot.com now and you will not regret it. Learn More About Poetry

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eNovella.co.uk – Social Networking For Writers & Poets

  • August 5, 2009

eNovella.co.ukeNovella is a social networking site which has been devised for aspiring writers and poets. Its main asset is that it takes a much more Flickr-esque approach than some of its current competitors.

That is so because it allows people to upload their writings and share them with others it in a more pictorial (and thus more associable) setting.

Upon registering, anybody can submit his or her own work for the consideration of the community, and benefit from the insight of those who might already have some editions under their belts. The site also includes a “Book Of The Day” section for users to learn from the very best.

The site hopes to go beyond the mere discussion and exchange of feedback, actually, as its ultimate aim is that the writers that interact there eventually publish their works. That is, those works that attain the most popularity might eventually be published by eNovella. Publishing options include audiobook and mobile editions. Of course, paperbacks are also taken into account for those who believe in nothing but the power of the printed word.

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A Blog Devoted To Art – Blog.LargeHeartedBoy.com

  • July 31, 2009

A Blog Devoted To ArtThis is a blog that will be highly appealing to those who are interested in art as a whole. Basically, it features not just reviews about the world of art in general terms (music, literature and pop culture) but it also includes a wealth of free files that can be downloaded to your computer and enjoyed that way.

In addition to that, contests are featured on a regular basis, and that is always

an added hook – after all, the words “free stuff” and “more visitors” get on like

a house on fire. And there is even a section entitled “Try It Before You Buy It” that serves a similar purpose, IE deriving enjoyment from the latest pieces without having to dig in your pockets beforehand. If that sounds good to you, stationing your

browser at blog.largeheartedboy.com will not go amiss. A Blog Devoted To Art

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PoetryVote.com – The Hottest Poetry & Writing Community

  • March 30, 2009

PoetryVote.comDo you like writing? Do you consider yourself as a poet? Do you like the way words flow through the air when you read a good poem? If that is the case, you have found a very good place where to satisfy your need for poetry.

This is an online resource where you can get in touch with other poets and artist and make your voice to be heard.

Yes, as simple as that, this site gives you a very good opportunity to do that in a very rapid and straightforward way.

PoetryVote.com is a site that promotes spoken, poetry and music. This is a whole new concept in relation to poetry and you will have the opportunity to see real poetry as you did not do it until now. This site gives you the opportunity to sell your music and poetry or any other form of art.

This poetry site gives a different feel. It is a social community that displays raw talent never seen on the web. Poets and artists have the ability to sell there music. This site could be a revolutionary new way of doing poetry. PoetryVote.com

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HaikuVillage.com – Haiku Community

  • March 18, 2009

HaikuVillage.comThis is the time when you can find what you have been looking for a long time. This online resource is not a very fancy site where you can find unlimited options or colorful sections.

This site goes right to the point when it comes to finding a useful community to craft clever phrases, as well as discuss about many topics in a very clever way.

Haiku is a mega-niche market with no competition. This site could be defined as a social community built purely on haiku. The site is very simple and easy to be used. Haikuvillage.com gives you the possibility to take a look at different conversation and topics. There is a section where you can check the Last Week’s commentaries and topics, as well as there is another section where to find the newest subjects.

This site works in the same way a blog does, and you can read all the participants comments in addition to post your own comments about anything you want. There is a box where you will find many tags you can click on to see the different comments about each topic. This is a recommended site. HaikuVillage.com

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PoetryVisualized.com – Poetry In Motion

  • August 27, 2008

PoetryVisualized.comAdding videos, sound, or motion graphics to your poetry can add a whole new depth to it. If you’re interested in doing this, you should see what you can do with Poetryvisualized.

com. With the site, you’ll be able to create your own visual poetry experience and share it with your friends and others who browse through the site. This will make it possible for you to express yourself and see what others think of it. You can join many groups, through which you’ll be able to share different aspects of your work. Even if you have not completed your visual poetry project, you’ll be able to submit it and see what others think of the work you’ve done so far. You can even get ideas on how to best finish your project. Over all, this site could bring new depth to the world of art and poetry, allowing artist to further enhance their trade and show the world what they can do.

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SeekBooks.com.au – Discounted Books Online

  • July 30, 2008

SeekBooks.com.auIf you are an avid reader who wants to access a large variety of books at an affordable price, you should know that the internet presents many advantages when it comes the time of buying texts. This site aims to provide you with a great selection of books for online shopping.

Seekbooks.com.au is proud to communicate its visitors that here they can access over 1,2 million discounted books; your life isn’t enough to read half the material this site holds. With almost ten years of experience in this area, Seekbooks.com.au guarantees that if you can’t find a book here, it’s certainly not available. At the homepage you’ll find several tools that will be useful in your search. You can either search through the site’s search engine, or browse the categories of books available on the right hand side of your screen. There you’ll find most varied themes, from cooking and business to humor and social science. SeekBooks.com.au

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Types-Of-Poetry.org.uk – Find Poems Online

  • July 29, 2008

Types-Of-Poetry.org.ukA writer once defined poetry as the voice of solitary spirits, in contrast to prose that stands as the language of sociable souls. This is an accurate definition, for as the Nobel laureate W.

B. Yeats once propounded, poetry is born out of an inner struggle. The most gratifying aspect of this struggle is the comfort that a poem brings to other individuals. It is the knowledge that a poem will uplift the reader’s soul and elicit change that has always encouraged poets to carry on. If you feel that poetry is not for you, it is likely that you have never come across the right poet. The same applies to every field, doesn’t it? You can’t say you don’t like music as a whole simply because you don’t enjoy a specific genre of subgenre. So if you ever want to find out what are the poets and styles that will reflect the voice of your soul, try directing your browser to the Types of Poetry Website. There you will find poems grouped together by styles such as “Romantic Poetry” and “Modernist Poetry” along with poems that are collected by poetical forms such as lyric poetry and blank verse. Moreover, you can browse by author and luminaries such as Robert Frost, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Edgar Allan Poe are included to name but three. Types-Of-Poetry.org.uk

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GSPoetry.com – Poetry Will Never Be The Same

  • July 25, 2008

GSPoetry.comThis site is a social networking poetry community for people who enjoy reading poetry or have poetry of their own that would like to share with the rest of the audience. In this site you will be able to find all the information you need to know about the site itself, about how it started and what it is offering today as well.

To look for poetry in this site you can browse by poet or by poem. If you are interested in submitting poetry of your own you will first need to create an account for yourself in this site. This is completely for free and will not only allow you to submit poems but also access the message board, send and receive private messages, post comments and much more. This will definitely enhance your experience in the site. Media information, upcoming events and the GS Blog are other features available for you in this site. GSPoetry.com

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WriteRhymes.com – Rapping Made Easy

  • July 25, 2008

WriteRhymes.comJay-Z makes it look easy. Shakespeare too.

But as most of us know, writing rhymes can be difficult. If you are having trouble putting down your feelings in rhyme, then you should take a look at WriteRhymes.com. The site is simple, making it easy for everyone to use. Once on the site, you will find an input box for you to start writing. When you hit a snag on your rhyming, just press Alt and select a word. The site will instantly give you a listing of words that rhyme with the one you selected. This should be fun for anyone who has a knack for writing rhymes but has a hard time finding the right words. Once you are done, you can either save your prose, copy it, or print it out. It must be stated that the key aspect of the site is its simplicity. There are no complicated features or anything like that, all you need to become the next Tupac is knowing where your Alt key is.

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HighSchoolPoetryContest.com – New Talents

  • July 23, 2008

HighSchoolPoetryContest.comThis online site provides information for all those high school students interested in poetry in New Jersey. It includes a brief description of this organization, offering detailed of their objectives and the ways in which they give confidence to young poets and encourage them to obtain further education and demonstrate their workings.

You will also find interesting information related to the High School Poetry Contest, its foundation and history as well as their vision. For those individuals interested in these contests, the site offers useful data about their official rules and entry categories including eligibility, entries, prizes, judging, rights, deadlines and many other important aspects. The site also includes data related to the past contests since the year 1998 up to the present year, where visitors will learn about the regional winners of each years and further information about those contests. Visit this online sit and you will find helpful information for entering these contests and showing your talents. HighSchoolPoetryContest.com

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SimplyAngel.com – Paula Scola Website

  • July 23, 2008

SimplyAngel.comPaula Scola’s “Simply Angel” website is an online resource where this Arkansas native posts poems and uplifting contents along with personal information and insight. The site presents the visitor with pages set mainly to country music, and there is also a comprehensive MIDI/WAV section that can be accessed from the main menu.

As far as Ms. Scola’s compositions are concerned, these are mostly uplifting pieces and meditations on life, mortality and the fragility of human beings with titles such as “A Birthday Wins”, “With Love I Think Of You” and “Happy First Love Anniversary”. There are also compositions that reflect her love for country music like the one that goes by the name of “I Want To Be A Country Singer When I Grow”. The site also collects assorted resources under the “Special Pages” heading, and famous women’s quotes are included along with trivia pages such as “Did You Know?”. SimplyAngel.com

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AhaPoetry.com – Japanese Poetry

  • July 17, 2008

AhaPoetry.comAhaPoetry.com is a site entirely devoted to poetry, featuring many different short form genres of poetry, mostly influenced by Japanese styles.

The site was launched in 1996 and it is developed by Jane Reichhold, an American artist and poet. Here you can learn everything about her and her works. Also, you can access to some of her poems and learn more about Japanese poetry. In addition to this, AHA Poetry is the glove of AHA Books, a books publisher company from Gualala, California, also developed by Jane Reichhold. If you though you would be the only one interested in a site like this think again, because since the site was launched it got more than 800.000 visits. In addition to the poems, here you can find a glossary of Japanese literary terms, information about Japan, and links to related sites. Finally, in case you want to give some feedback or make a contribution, here you can find all their contact information. AhaPoetry.com

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