Podio.com – Create Your Own Apps

  • June 11, 2011

Podio.comHaving a job that is completely peculiar and uncharacteristic certainly looks exciting from the outside, but the challenges it can pose are certainly tremendous. Having to cope with a total lack of applications for getting the job actually done is one of them. And there is no easy way out of such a conundrum. You either get really, really imaginative, or you learn to code and put together an app of your very own to deal with such a job. At least, that was the way things used to be until now. But it seems a major shakedown is imminent. That is what this new service is here for.

Named Podio, it will let you do something as impressive as developing applications of your very own. A project management tool, a CRM application, a social intranet… just whatever you need can be assembled. And Podio lets you do all that without needing to have any kind or technical skill, or having to depend on IT. How is that possible? Because Podio actually has hundreds of small apps that the user can combine in order to create a larger app which can do exactly what he needs, and nothing less.

This is quite an excellent service. The degree of flexibility it makes for is nothing short of praiseworthy. And so is the fact Podio can be used for free to begin with (a paid monthly plan is available, and it will let you enjoy from a larger number of user accounts).

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