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A Course To Help You Launch Your Own Podcast In 2015

A Course To Help You Launch Your Own Podcast In 2015

Irresistible Podcasting is an 11-week course that will teach you how to ride the podcast wave into 2015.

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Have you heard of the latest craze on the net? Have you heard of the latest revolutionary websites that allow you to listen to music live for free? The latest craze in the music scene is called Podcasts. The Podcast first came out when the Apple iPod was invented, or shortly after the release of the Apple iPod. Have you ever logged online and listened to a radio program online for free? Well, the podcast is similar, only that you can...

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If you are a podcaster or blogger looking for a way to make your podcasting completely interactive and user friendly, then Innertoob is the service for you. Innertoob allows you to upload any mp3 or flash link and then create the most dynamic podcast possible. Make real time comments directly on the screen and create easy to click on time posts, allowing people to click on the parts of the recording that you have commented on. People...

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Podtrac offers podcasters a way to get paid for their podcasts via advertising. It appears that they specialize in targeted, that is, highly targeted ad insertion/product placements. For podcasters they offer a whole outfit of free and seemingly useful tools. First, they offer to assess your audience via a web based survery. Next, they’ve got free podcast measurement tools which is meant to get your podcast noticed by advertisers and...

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GCast will host your podcasts for free. So what’s the trick, you ask? Ads. You’ll get advertisements placed within your casts, possibly, and they’re placing ads in videos and on audio networks. There will be an option for ad-free podcasts, for a price, though. Once you’ve decided to set your voice to the net, you’ll have several options. You can create playlists, with the site’s Playlist Manager, and add files from your own computer,...

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