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How To Build An Affiliate Website That Doesn’t Suck

How To Build An Affiliate Website That Doesn’t Suck

With the right tools and game plan, anyone can build an affiliate empire of their very own.

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This is a new service that will let you take your favorite RSS feeds and have them read out to you. That is, the feeds are turned into streaming media that you can listen to whenever you want. In practice, this means that you can stay abreast of your favorite blogs while you are doing something like exercising or commuting. The way this service is implemented is very simple, as you can subscribe to your favorite blogs using a desktop...

Read More – Plog, Anyone?

Koollage is a new way of getting info to your mobile. Koollage uses micromedia content in the form of pods or plogs (playable blogs) to get you the information you want. So what exactly is a pod? It’s like a bit-size packet of information featuring a combination of photos, images, video, audio, feeds and other content. You can make and create your own plog or pog on the topic of your choice or you can choose from a variety of other...

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