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USA-Pocket-Bikes.com – Small But Tough

  • June 29, 2008

USA-Pocket-Bikes.comPocket bikes are like regular motorcycles only much smaller, and are also intended to be driven by adults. Visit this site to discover an impressive catalogue of new bikes and mini ATVs for sale, and make your order online.

The site is very nicely designed (a really rare thing in the motorcycle segment), and carries extensive performance and specs for all their products and accessories, a feature most fans will be thankful for. The only thing I felt this size is lacking, especially due to the fact that the products they sell are large and heavy, is precise shipping information. It would be very good for USA-Pocket-Bikes.com to include one of those widgets provided by the shipping companies themselves to allow clients to figure out how much they’ll get charged for delivery. I think it would also be nice for the company to include safety information, like how old the rider should be, and maybe links to other eCommerce sites from where to buy protective equipment like helmets and knee-pads. USA-Pocket-Bikes.com

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