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  • July 28, 2010

Plummelo.comThe main objective of this website is to change the way in which people shop for food, by placing recipes at the center of the equation. Plummelo lets users store their recipes online, use them to put together meal plans and then create shopping lists in order to make these meal plans come true.

As they say on the site, the idea is to let people know exactly what to cook and when to cook it, and also where to buy every ingredient that they will need for cooking it.

The site also lets you se which recipes other people have stored, but I think you had guessed that much already – the social element is the common denominator of the vast majority of sites that see release nowadays. In the case of Plummelo, you will be able to see the recipes that people are saving from all their favourite sources, so that you don’t have to hunt them down yourself. The site centralizes it all.

Once you have found a couple of dishes that you think would work out fine and added them to your recipe box, all you have to do is launch your weekly meal planner in order to be presented with a matching shopping list, and strike out to buy these ingredients one by one.

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