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  • August 9, 2011

PlugStartups.comPlugStartups has been created with the sole aim of letting startup companies promote what they do, and reach out both to prospective users and people who would be interested in investing in them. Listings can be submitted for free, and once they have been added to the database then they can be looked up by category and by location. Some of the featured categories include “Advertising”, “Business Service”, “eCommerce”, “Health”, “Travel”, “Social Networking”… and locations from pole to pole are included. People all over the world will be able to promote their startups and advertise what they do through

Comments can be left for all the startups that are featured on the site, and their actual popularity is measured by the number of thumb-ups and thumb-downs they receive.

Both the top listings for the day and the listings that have proven to be more popular are highlighted on the homepage. And there is also a section where premium listings are showcased. That is, those who want better exposure can pay for a featured listing and get even more visibility.

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