More – Highlighting European Startups & Talent

  • March 2, 2010

Plugg.euThere is definitely more to startups than the good old Valley, and the upcoming Plugg Conference is certain to drive that point home. The one-day event will be held in Brussels, at the Belgacom Surf House on the 11th of March.

20 startups will be featured, and these are mostly active in the Web 2.0 and mobile areas. The idea is to provide these 20 promising companies with a framework in which they can explain what makes them special in today’s competitive market, and put them face to face with possible investors and allies.

Moreover, a list of speakers will take upon itself to illuminate the audience when it comes to the aspects that give the European scene an edge over the rest of the world. These aspects that put it at a disadvantage will also be openly discussed, obviously.

Ultimately, by bringing together both entrepreneurial talent and the insight of field experts/visionaries the event is shaping up as a promising one indeed. You can buy your tickets here. And note that you can use the promotion code plugg-25percent upon registration to get a hefty discount.

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