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  • November 22, 2010

Plnnr.comPlnnr is a web tool for people who are thinking about traveling somewhere, but who are unsure exactly how to approach the whole trip – IE, they have trouble deciding where to stay, which attractions to visit, where to go in order to have an economic (yet tasty) meal… These are considerations that every first-time traveler has to face. And while each and every single one of these questions can be answered by doing some online research, it is always best to have a tool that can find that information automagically and have it ordered and displayed for you. That is what Plnnr does.

Plnnr works by asking you a lot of personal information and then using it to put together a unique itinerary that includes different daily routes, navigation directions and all the information you could ever need regarding local attractions. It also lets you know about these hotels that would suit your specific budget best.

So, Plnnr can produce a personalized itinerary based on your travelling preferences, your timeline and how much you can really afford. That is really cool, and what is even cooler is that the site can be used for free. Check it now if you have been thinking about heading off somewhere as of late.

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