More – Nurturing Young People In The UK

  • August 3, 2010

Plings.netPlings (short for “Places” and “Things” together) is a new resource that will let young people in the UK know about activities that they could become involved in the areas where they live. These include not only sports and informal physical activities but also every type of cultural endeavor you could imagine – music, visual arts… anything that could have a positive impact in their young minds is actively included.

In a certain sense, the information provided here is available elsewhere. But it is never provided together in the same place, as it is offered by Plings. Actually, it couldn’t be more scattered – local authority websites, youth club posters… these are the places where you can find it. And these are places that are never accessible to just everybody.

Ultimately, the site aims to let youngsters all over the country not only find but actually develop and nurture their true talents. While the US is far too big for a single site to cover it satisfactorily, there is no real reason why sites focusing on specific regions such as this one wouldn’t prosper over here.

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