More – Creating A Cloud Of Content

  • May 13, 2010

Plenton.comHave you ever wondered if these things that mean the world to you actually mean that much to others? If you have answered that question in a positive way, then this site will be just perfect. It will enable you to see the associations that other people make with any piece of content that you care about.

For example, the site will let you share a music video of Queen performing “These Are The Days” and then see what reactions it brings from other site users. For instance, they can start uploading not only videos that make them think about that song but also photos and drawings that they find closely related to the original video.

In this way, something truly comparable to a cloud of content is generated, and if you managed to post an interesting piece of content to begin with then the likelihood of the cloud becoming something larger than life is anything but far-fetched.

I used the example of a music video because I considered it a truly representative example. But you can upload just about anything – a picture of an iPad, a video of the Three Stooges in full comedic swing… it is all allowed.

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