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  • January 20, 2011

Playwire.comPlaywire is a new video platform that webmasters can use in order host video content and monetize it. Playwire actually offers just everything in the same package: encoding, hosting, content management, analytics, syndication and monetization. A centralized dashboard will let you keep track of all the operations associated with managing the videos themselves, and seeing who has seen them, when and for how long.

You are going to be billed based on how you actually use the platform. That is, you will pay according to the amount of data that you transfer. Roughly-speaking, 1 GB of video tends to equal 100 minutes. And a free plan is also provided, letting you stream up to 2 GB of video, and store up to 50 separate clips.

The videos themselves are be streamed using a player named Bolt Player, and this can be customized at will. You are allowed to modify the way it looks, and you are also able to use several add-ons in order to unleash a fuller range of playback options.

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